Live Till Your Last

This a story of a new-york girl Saphire who meets someone that teaches her how to live,smile and get on with life. But with so many problems in life with her family how does she cope. A re-telling of a very moving but simple story. hope you enjoy it! please comment and i would love your feedback thankx and if you love it plz cilck fav .


3. Dinner With Aman

7:30 everyone was running around mum had no idea what to cook. DING DONG someone was at the door. oh my god does it take this long to open the door oh Saphire smile today isn't the day of your death so until then don't worry Aman said sarcastically.I gave him a think your so funny look but your actually not he made his way inside. Jenifer you haven't prepared anything actually the thing is i don't know how to cook Indian food. Aman smiled at her its OK that's why i came early  so i could help out. OK were going to need some ingredients and lets get working shouted Aman. Thanks Aman your being a great help mum replied. And you know what for the first time mum actually smiled yes i couldn't believe it. At least someone was happy with this annoying and irritating neighbor. I went out to get the ingredients, by the time i came back Aman's mum and uncle were here.I said hello and gave Aman the groceries. Jake was wearing a new basketball t-shirt i asked him where he got it him from he replied saying Aman and went off to play with Giya. Aman, Aman,Aman that's all everyone cared about.


After dinner i said good-bye to everyone,when no one was there Aman tried to Aman  a conversation with me. You know Saphire what your problem is you dont know how to smile. I had had it with him then, who do you think you are huh who are you to tell me that i dont know how to smile i smile all the time when im not with you ok.Who are you trying to kid come on ill teach you how to smile in 3 easy step 123 ding and smile its so easy he said.hey who are you to tell me that look your my neighbour so stay like an neighbour ok i replied.Saphire see you get angry for no reason look this all im going to say to you DREAM,LAUGH,SMILE AND LIVE YOR LIFE WATEVER YOU WANNA DO IN LIFE DO IT NOW! because you never know wether you will see tommorow shouted Aman. After that i said nothing but thank-you can you leave please its getting late better go back inside.He left without a word.


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