Don't leave me!

Engelsk version, oversat med hjælp af C. Prytz.

Celeena har mistet sin bror, der betød alt for hende.
Hun flygter fra det hele og finder et minde frem, et minde fra de var børn.

(Er ment som en udfordring til mig selv, en øvelse så jeg kan forbedre mig.
Ændringer kan forekomme)


1. Don't leave me!


She ran so fast that she could hardly breathe. Her legs could not carry her anymore. She stumbled and fell into the gravel. When she stood up, she looked out over the hillside, facing the water. How could she not have seen this beautiful sight? The sun that rose over the horizon was reflected in the calm water.

She looked down at the foot of the mountain. She saw the beach with all the rocks, where she as a little girl used to play with her older brother. Her eyes filled up with tears. Now was not the time to think about it. She got her legs to move on. Her brother’s pain-filled face was carved in her memory, and she feared it would never disappear.

Gradually she came further down the mountain side and she headed for the beach. She knew this road; her brother had always brought her down here. The trail had grown completely together and she scratched herself on thorns and branches as she came farther away from the path. When she finally got free from branches and bushes, she was greeted by waves that struck dead up against the sand. There was almost no more life in them. As if someone had tapped them for all their force. The wind blew in her face and when she took a deep breath, she could smell salt and seaweed suddenly threw her back into memories.

She had probably been about six years old and Charlie nine. He had lured her to the beach, even though she was not much for it as they both had given strict orders not to go down there. He led the way, and she followed with her doll in hand, a doll she had received from Charlie.

He stopped suddenly, and she went into him. Charlie turned around. "Look Celeena! We'll be there soon” he proudly told his little sister. She quickly wiped the small tears away and ran too at a large pile of rocks farther away.

 "Look! I told you there was a cave here! They say that a pirate hid his treasure in here!" She just stood and swallowed every single one of those amazing words. Charlie was already gone into the cave. She hesitated because she was afraid. Charlie turned around and walked back to her. He took her hand and they walked together. Her fears vanished when he was by her side.

Now he could never make her anxiety disappear. He was gone for good. A person, who meant so much to her, was torn away from this world in seconds. She released herself away from the memories and walked slowly along the shore. She had taken off her shoes so she could feel the sand between your toes again. She went to the cave. It was still there after all those years, just as pristine and creepy as then. But now there was no one to hold her hand.

She walked away from the cave, and laid herself on the shore. Tears ran quietly down her cheeks. Charlie had always been her pillar of support; she had been able to handle everything with him as back-up. She also knew how much she meant to Charlie.

One evening she called after him when she was lost. Shortly after, he came whizzing around the corner in his old pickup truck. He jumped out of the car and ran over to her. There was a loud noise, and she had seen her brother's face to be suffused with surprising pain. He stiffened and collapsed. She had screamed and ran over to him immediately. A man with a loaded pistol had let his anger go out on Charlie.

Charlie drew his last breath in her presence. She had tried to stop the bleeding with her bare hands, but nothing had been able to bring him back. Her purple dress and her hands were covered with blood.

The funeral she remembered only vaguely. Since that night it was as if she had lived in a dark cloud.

She woke with a start and opened her eyes. The sun had moved far on the sky, and it was now late afternoon. She sat up and looked down the beach. Her body was cold. At the stone, she could see a small white object. She knew the contours too well. She ran there, and as she had predicted, there was a doll. A doll that too much resembled the one she had received from Charlie. She picked it up and squeezed it hard. It was a poor replacement for Charlie, but that was all she had.

She ran down to the cave with the doll in her arms, and tears running down her cheeks. She stood before the entrance to the cave and went in with the doll in her arms. When she was in darkness, she was just as scared as the first time they were there. After her eyes had become accustomed to the darkness, she went to the wall. Scratched into it was a little sun. Inside the sun, she could discern two c's.

That time, after they had entered, Charlie had asked her to hold his flashlight, and then he had taken his little pocket knife. He sat down and scratched something into the wall. Celeena had sat on a stone and waited with the flashlight pointed toward the wall, and her doll in hand. When Charlie was finished he had with a strong voice proclaimed that this was in memory of that day she had overcome her fears. "If you ever get scared, you just call on me and I'll come no matter where I am!" He had said.

Celeena sat on the same stone as then and watched the sun on the wall. She had the doll in her hand and the tears flowed. "Charlie. I'm afraid." she whispered.

At the same moment she heard a voice. It sounded like a girl who was crying. "I must find her! She is probably afraid!" Celeena looked out of the cave opening, and saw a little girl who ran around and looked around the stones. A big person followed. "Maybe we should look again tomorrow?" There was no answer. They came closer and closer to the cave and when she looked closely, she saw that it was a young man and a little girl. She looked at the doll. Could it be that one, they were looking for?

She emerged from the cave and went to the girl. The young man came running toward the girl, but Celeena sat down and held out the doll toward her. The girl took the doll, and tears ran down Celeenas cheeks as she turned around and left.

"Brother, why was she sad?" The boy looked down at his sister who was holding the doll. "Maybe she lost something.” He replied his sister while he looked at the leaving girl.

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