Someday -Niall Horan One Shot-

I hope we'll be together. . .


Niall and Trisha are enemies since 4th grade, What will happen when they literally bumped into each other? Read and find out! :)


1. Someday

A/N so I'm new here. . . I just found out about movellas so this is my first one shot here. I'm not really a good writer, as a matter of fact I suck at english at school, so yep






Trisha's P.O.V.


"I hope we see them!" My friend, Shane squealed.


"I know!" My other freind, Emily squealed and started fangirling.


I rolled my eyes, "What the heck guys!? It's just a stupid band!"


So One Direction's here in Ireland and as you can see my friends are fans and I'm not, i even despise one of them. . .


"I know you have a past with Niall" I flinched at his name, "But the other guys are cool too" Emily said trying to to convince me.


 If you're wondering, me and niall are not very fond of each other. . . Wait who am i kidding!? We literally want to rip each other's head off! We were classmates since kindergarten, and when we reached 4th grade, he started teasing me so i teased him back, we were mortal enemies since then. . .


"So I'm guessing you two are going to the concert?" I looked at them, they had pleading eyes. "Oh no! I'm NOT going with you!" I said then ran away from my psycho friends.


I hurriedly went out of the school if they ever catch me. . . I don't even want to think about what they'll do to me.


I wasn't looking at where i was going so i bumped into someone, "HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" I shouted to the guy who bumped into me.


"I'm really sorry miss, here let me help you" the guy who was wearing a hoodie offered his hand, i took it and stood up. I looked at him and saw the same electric blue eyes that i despised for the past 8 years of my life.


"You!" I glared at him then snatched my hands away from him. "Trish?!" he asked me. Then i had an awesome idea, "GUYS! IT'S NIALL HORAN!" I screamed and pointed at Niall.


"WHAT THE HECK!?" Niall said to me, his eyes full of anger. Then a mob of fangirls started running and screaming towards us. "Oh god, i didn't know you had so many fans" Niall grabbed my hand and we started running away from the mob of girls.


"Let go of me!" I screamed at him. "And let you get mobbed by the fans, i don't think so!" he screamed back.


"Why do you care?! You hated me remember?" i said to him. "If only you knew. . ." he mumbled.


We ran and ran until the fangirls were out of sight.


"Umm. . . Niall," I glanced at him. "Yea?" He said still out of breath. "Where are we?" He looked around, "Shit, where are we?!"


"I don't know, that's why I asked you dumbo!" He rolled his eyes and started tapping on his iphone


"Shit! I don't have any signal, how bout you?"

"Will you stop cursing!?" I glanced at my phone, "Nope, none guess i'm stuck with you!" I glared at him.


"It's your fault!" he gave me an angry look, "If you haven't attracted some fans then we won't be here!"


"Blah blah blah I can't here you" I poked my index finger into my ears.


He rolled his eyes, "still childish i see"


"Whatever! Don't talk to me!" I sat in the grass under a tree and crossed my arms like a 5-year old.


He sat next to me and smirked.


"Go away!" I moved away from him. He then again sat next to me.


We were doing this for a while until we reached a lake.


"ooh! a lake, I love lakes!" I said. Then suddenly I felt arms on my waist and i was thrown into someone's shoulder and when i mean someone, i meant Niall Freakin Horan.


"Let go of me!" I said hitting his back.


"No!" I noticed that we're heading to the lake, uh-oh.




He 'evil laughed' "There's nothing you can do!" He said in a villain voice.




As I was being thrown to the water, i grabbed Niall's shirt and was plunged into the water with me.


"AHHHH! IT'S FREAKIN COLD!" We both screamed.


"You're evil!" he said to me while shivering.


"Said the one who plunged me into a freezing cold lake!" I splashed some mini waves at him, making him shiver.


"STOP!" I stuck my tongue at him.


We went out of the water, and sat on the shore.



"Hey trish"


"hmm?" I stared at his electric blue eyes, which I think is beautiful. . . Uhhh i meant fine. . . Yeah fine just fine.


"I have to tell you something, that i've been wanting to tell you since 6th grade" I nodded.


He took a deep breath, "I've really liked you since 4th grade and ummm... I think i still like you" He blushed.


My jaw dropped, "What do you mean!? You hated me!"


He chuckled, "I just want some of your attention"




"Can we umm. . . Start over?" He asked.


"Of course!" I smiled at him.


"I'm Niall James Horan and I love food!" He grinned at me showing his attractive teeth. He held out his hand.


"I'm Trish Sarmiento, and I love Simple plan" I shaked his hand and smiled at him.


He gasped, "Don't you like One direction!?"


"No they suck!" I joked.


He faked hurt, "Take that back!"


I stuck my tongue at him. “Nevah!”


He pouted and gave me the puppy-eyes


I rolled my eyes “Fine, I guess they’re kinda great”


He smiled at me then kissed my cheek.


We spent the afternoon talking to each other. I hope we'll be more than friends. . .






A/N so if you liked it please,





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