- ONE SHOT - One Direction - Blessings

A one shot Story.


1. One Shot




I looked down in pain. Everyone in the room were just as sad as me. They had someone they prayed for, just like I prayed for him. My eyes made a quick check on the room. White boring walls, grey floor and pictures of people praying. The chairs people could sit on, were blue and brown. The woman who sat in front of me, was pretty. She had blonde curly hair, blue eyes that were all up in tears. Her cheeks were slightly pink, and she tried so hard to put a smile on her face, but she couldn't. The pain was so strong. It just sat there in her eyes. The woman stood up and walked over to a table where you could get something to drink or eat. ''He's gonna make it,, The voice woke me up from my own little world. I turned my head and smiled as good as I could.  ''I know,, I whispered, but I lied. I didn't know if he was going to make it, our if he was going to die. I could only hope for the best, and right now it seemed that the best wasn't enough. Louis laid his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it one time. He smiled, even thought he was in such a big pain. Just like the rest of us. Harry had placed his head in his hands, Liam tried not to cry and Zayn. Well, Zayn just sat there. Just looked straight into nothing. Again i looked at Louis, who kept smiling at me. Tried to cheer me up, but it didn't work. It only made me more sad. The blonde haired lady walked over to us. ''Here sweety,, she said and reached the water out to me. I looked up at her sad eyes, and felt the tears pressing on. ''I'm fine,, I lied, but she could see i wasn't. She was here because of her daugther, she was a mother. That's why she could see I wasn't feeling all right. ''Take it honey,, she tried. I took the water and smiled at her. ''Thanks,, i mumbled. She nodded and went over to sit with her husband again. The other boys just looked at me. Waited for me to take something to drink. I did it. The water climbed down my throat and landed so slowly in my stomach, leaving me in pain. I felt bad for eating or drinking, only because I felt I didn't earned myself to it. No mercy for me. Nobody should feel bad for me. They had to be thinking about him, and nothing else. I wasn't the one who was feeling bad. He was. And would he ever survive? The thoughts hurt'd so much that i started to cry. ''No honey! Don't cry!,, Liam got up and sat down in front of me. He held my hand and smiled to me, but I wouldn't stop. I couldn't stop.  The other boys stood up and started to hugging me. ''Stephanie?,, I looked over at the doctor. ''Yes?,, I said. ''Niall.. He... He,, the doctor looked down and wouldn't say it. ''Say it!,, I begged. ''He...,, 

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