No Entry, No Exit


2. Freak out, spread out

Everyone stopped, spun around and stared at the old creeky staircase.  Not a single muscle was moved after that.  There, on the staircase, lay a large, 8 foot, red fleshy beast.  At this point my mind scrambled, but all that came was to run.  I turned and poised myslelf to run and took off down the hallway.

The screams of my friends would not stop me, but the locked door in front of me would.  Still sprinting, I jumped at the door hoping that it would open.  When I hit the door, I bounced off.  This forced me to turn and see what else was happening.  Chris and Mathew had managed to escape in directions that I could not see, but Luke was not so fortunate.  He was in mid-flight when I turned, as if he had been batted away or picked up and thrown, whatever did happen, he was as good as dead.  The frantic look on his face was instantly erased as the beasts' large muscular fist was forced into his face, crushing his head completely.

My head turned to the door which had mysteriously opened.  I sprinted in and slammed the door.  Still sprinting, I ran for a table and flipped it.  Jumping over and hiding behind it was not only a good idea, but the only idea I could think of.  The room was empty, cold and quite dark.  That was all I had time to survey before the fist barged through the door, after that it was kicked and it slammed right against the table.

Heavy breathing was all that I could hear apart from my heart smashing itsekf against my rib-cage.  My Mind had barely registered what had happened back 30 seconds ago, but this was too much for me to handle.  I was lucky enough that I had not been seen or heard so far, but that was when I felt a sneeze coming.  I fidgeted around, gripping my nose tight, attempting to stop it, but I couldn't.  I let out a large sneeze that had more than definitely given me away. 


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