No Entry, No Exit


1. Exploring the Unknown

It was not until we were inside that regret started to form on Chris' self conscious mind.

"Hey guys, maybe we shouldn't be here."  Chris moaned pathetically.  Chris was a small, 15 year old, nervous boy who would never do anything unless he was forced into it and he was more than definitely on this occasion.

"Oh don't be such a wuss Chris, anyway it's not like anyone's here, its been locked for over 30 years."  snarled Mathew.  He was the one who had the idea of coming here.  He was the kind of person that wouldn't get an idea out of his head.

"It is a mansion after all." added Luke.  He was tall, about 17, only just moved into the area.  He came from around London and was used to going into abandoned areas, that was why he was here.

Suddenly the chandelier dangling above us dropped mere inches from Chris' head and burst into thousands of razor sharp pieces.

"Oh screw you guys!" yelped Chris.  He made for the door, waddling as if he had made a bit of a mess in his trousers.  At this point we were all laughing, name calling, in other words being pricks.  This all stopped when no matter how hard Chris pulled the door, it would not open.  This caused a long, sinister silence.  A pin dropping would have felt like a hand grenade going off in your pocket.  I broke the silence.

"What the hell, open the damn door then!" I said in disbelief.

"Its locked." added Luke.

"Well done Einstein!" hurled Mathew.  This caused everyone to go back into the deafening silence.

A few minutes passed before anyone made the slightest sound.  The look on Mathews' face suggested that his confidence had been sucked out of him and had now just been poured down a bottomless drain.

"Jesus Christ guys, somebody do something!" Mathew attacked.

"Well what the hell are you doing then, huh.  Do you need a hint?" I added sarcastically.  I had a tendency to insult people just before there fuse had gone out, this time was no exception. 

He stared at me, not daring to start a verbal argument.  He knew that I never really enjoyed arguments and was quick to finish them with a sore fist and someone else with a broken jaw.  He may have been the cocky one here, but I was about 6 inches taller than him and a lot stronger than him.  He also enjoyed not having a broken face.

Chris and Luke had been having an argument that had gone unnoticed until now, which had now evolved into a shouting match, but both of them stopped as the large echoing footsteps were pointed out to them.  The bad bit was when the shouting stopped, so did the footsteps. 

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