All my bags are packed

A young man who seemingly has it all, finds himself on the brink of suicide as he can't contemplate another day of living in a city which has sapped all the life out of him. To add to his stress, his relationship with his father who he once and still does idolise, has all but crumbled. There's not many options left and on the brink of his 30th birthday he decides to travel abroad in order to escape the madness and restore his sanity. Where shall I go?


3. tickets booked

I had a week left before i had to leave; i was stopping in Hong Kong for 4 nights and then making my way to Sydney to stay in a youth hostel for another 4 nights. I worked until the night of my departure due to the fact i wanted to close two deals in order to make my dad proud and help him out financially before i left, not that he needed it but it would have been nice to go out on a bang. I couldn’t close them. I managed to spend some good quality time with mum before i left; we have an understanding with one another. I feel that we can chit chat like a pair or old women, not speak o each other for weeks out of stubbornness but at the same time, love to compete with one another. We would compete whilst watching weakest link or egg heads. Her face would light up if she got a question right that i didn’t know, the loser would normally have to make the teas. I drove to work with her in the passenger seat of her car with one hand, my left was over her shoulder for the duration of the journey and my right hand on the wheel. I didn’t get to see my dad much, he was busy with one thing or another. We did manage to share a beer together on the night of my departure, however we didn’t get to speak much as we were asked to join some potential customers for a drink next door at Vasco's restaurant. We spent the evening speaking to them on a sociable level and by the time we finished it must have been around 10pm. We got home, ate a kebab and i started to pack my bags. Mum wasn’t feeling to well therefore we were both focused on her as opposed to one another. I would like to think that he wanted to say something to me but the idea he could be speaking to me for the last time in a few years may have been a bit much for him to deal with. This was proven when i opened a diary my sister had brought me (along with a number of other goodies) to find a hand written inscription in Greek, telling me "how he would always be by my side no matter what and how i could call upon him no matter what situation i found myself in" which moved me then, when i read it and now, as I’m recalling it. Natalie stayed up with me till 2am packing and re packing my suitcase ensuring i was able to take all the things i felt i needed on this trip, even though she had to get up for work in the morning. I didn’t sleep much as i was filled with a variety of mixed emotions, sad for leaving my family, worried for what i would experience in the forthcoming months and petrified for working for someone other than a family member. At 7am the alarm rang, i said my goodbyes and Natalie drove me to the station for us to catch the tube together. As she pulled out of the drive, i looked up to see mum standing on the landing with tears running down her face whilst holding Ollie and making waving gestures with his pore. Another tearful journey followed as Natalie got off at her stop and i continued to Heathrow.

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