All my bags are packed

A young man who seemingly has it all, finds himself on the brink of suicide as he can't contemplate another day of living in a city which has sapped all the life out of him. To add to his stress, his relationship with his father who he once and still does idolise, has all but crumbled. There's not many options left and on the brink of his 30th birthday he decides to travel abroad in order to escape the madness and restore his sanity. Where shall I go?


7. The eye of the tiger

The next morning we met at the base of The Peak, we had to take a tram ride which sat at a 45 degree angle to the ground. As we climbed the hillside on our way up to the summit, I found myself almost on my back due to the steep incline. As we reached the summit of the Peak, I looked down over Hong Kong and the view was truly amazing. A few well taken pictures and a double espresso later, Lisa told me we should walk back down as opposed to taking the tram as we would be walking on a path that intersected the luscious green forest we passed on the way up. So we walked and walked and walked and walked. By the time we reached the bottom I was knackered and my feet had started to blister. I took a hasty retreat back to my hotel, not before being told that she would be coming to my hotel for about 7 in order to have dinner together. Well, who would have thought it? 7 came and on the dot she was there, all tarted up to the max. She took me to one of the most expensive restaurants in Hong Kong and began to feed me an array of razor clams, lobster and squid. Oh, our meal began with two glasses of champagne… she was after something and I don’t think it was my money. The meal ended with 10 waiters arriving at our table with a traditional Chinese cake that had a single candle in it. The proceeded to sing happy birthday to me in broken English, “happy bur day twoo oohh, happy bur day twoo who.” I was shocked and embarrassed as I hadn’t told her it was my birthday and wondered how she knew it was coming up, she then told me she had checked me out of Facebook and saw that it was my 30th on the 22nd October, she thought she would give me an early surprise. She sure did. I personally found the whole experience fucking creepy to tell you the truth and it was very apparent that she had the hot's for me and these grand gestures I was receiving were a sure way of letting me know ‘I was in.’ She paid the bill and I was then whisked to Ritz Carton Tower (check it out). The entrance was strooned with Ferrari’s Lamborghinis and Rollers, we took the 150 floor elevator ride to the top of the tower to the most austentacious bar I’ve ever stepped foot in. It was clear she had money and wasn’t shy to spend it. She is a fashion designer whoes “pieces” are for sale all across Asia. After a couple of Captain Morgan’s with coke and Blueberry Mojito’s the conversation took a scinister twist. “What’s your favorite position?” she asked, to which I replied “by myself.”
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