All my bags are packed

A young man who seemingly has it all, finds himself on the brink of suicide as he can't contemplate another day of living in a city which has sapped all the life out of him. To add to his stress, his relationship with his father who he once and still does idolise, has all but crumbled. There's not many options left and on the brink of his 30th birthday he decides to travel abroad in order to escape the madness and restore his sanity. Where shall I go?


8. run as fast as you can

The next morning we woke up together back at my hotel, it was quite the experience. I won’t go into detail but put it this way, I felt I had been violated. She was now referring to me as “babe” but not in the loving way Vicky and Keith would to each other but in a way that told me in no uncertain terms that “your ass is mine now.” Thank god she had work to go to, she tried to leave by trying to unbuckle my belt, however I wasn’t too obliging. I spent the day wondering around Hong Kong looking for a laptop to write my blog, I also spent the day having flash backs of what had ensued the night before and shuddered at the thought of what I had willing partaken in. I picked up a laptop for what transferred into £150 (it is what I’m using to write this blog on) and then headed back to my hotel. Guess who was in the lobby waiting for me? Yes, Lisa. She invited herself up to my room to help me pack and after another bone shuddering experience was over, we packed and headed for the airport. I couldn’t wait to get on that plane and see the back of this crazy fucking bitch, I even received 5 pictures of her as a child before I even got to my departure gate. I’m not the type to “love em and leave em” but I couldn’t wait to get on that plane. I was half thinking that she’d be on it as I boarded but thankfully that wasn’t the case. Instead I sat next to an old lady in her late 60’s called Tina. She was the nicest person but was the most racist person I think I’ve ever met. She referred to me as ‘lovey’ and couldn’t do enough to mother me. She ordered me drinks, covered me in blankets and gave me names and numbers of her friends and family from all four corners of Australia, who would happily take me in over the course of my adventure. “I was married to a fucking Greek turd called Mikali for 23 years; he ended up running away with a slittie eyed ping pong.” We spoke for ages, to be fair she was doing all the talking but she was one of these characters you could listen to for hours. I ended up with soar cheeks due to the constant grin I had on my face from her colourfull use of language and never ending stories of her many life experiences. She told me how she had recovered from cancer of the limpf nodes and since then, she had travelled the world staying in expensive hotels. I don’t think she was the lying type and I also think she came from money based on her immaculate appearance. She soon drank herself to sleep and so I started to write my blog. I think I was in a melancholic mood due to Tina’s stories of cancer and how it affected her for the time she had it, hence my opening line. I landed in Sydney after an 8 hour plane trip, I haven’t slept at all.
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