All my bags are packed

A young man who seemingly has it all, finds himself on the brink of suicide as he can't contemplate another day of living in a city which has sapped all the life out of him. To add to his stress, his relationship with his father who he once and still does idolise, has all but crumbled. There's not many options left and on the brink of his 30th birthday he decides to travel abroad in order to escape the madness and restore his sanity. Where shall I go?


5. Hong Kong

I was at breakfast for 6am as i couldn’t sleep that well, i think my body was adjusting to the major difference in time zones and so i was wide awake at 5.30am. After a hearty breakfast i decided to make the most of my early morning and walked down to the harbor (which i discovered the night before) and took something called the Star Ferry. This is a green and white boat that connects Hong Kong island (where is was staying) to Tsim Sam Sui or known by the locals as 'the dark side' due to its lack of tall, well lit sky scrapers. This side was a major contrast to Hong Kong Island as there were more apartment buildings and bustling market streets, instead of glitzy sky scrapers. The best part was looking back at Hong Kong Island and seeing an urban skyline like no other i had seen before, wrapped in a luscious green mountain backdrop. I went to most of the street markets and main tourist attractions but to be honest, they were nothing special. by 12 midday i had ticked off about four things from my "to see and do list" and so i thought i would head out of Hong Kong and into Macau in order to see a famous monastery and large Buddhist temple. I hopped on the mtr and made my way there, on my arrival i was confronted with a number of package tours. I could either go up the hillside to this temple alone or go with a tour guide who then took you to see other points of interest, for about £12, i decided on the gold package which was the tour guide option, which also included a glass bottomed 40 minute cable car ride over a series of mountains and wide expanses of water. The views were great from the cable car and when i got there i was confronted with a Buddha the size of big ben, sitting omminously on the peak of a hillside. I was then directed to the coach my gold package tour guide was on but was startled by how few people signed up for this semingly inexpensive offer. The coach consisted of about 12 people, two of which were two hot blondes speaking what i think was Swedish. Before long a conversation ensued between us and we were all getting on like a house on fire. Anninna and Ellin were both law students on an exchange from Stockholm; they had been in Hong Kong for about a month and seemed pleased to meet a "westerner." The three of us stopped off for a coffee when the tour was over and spoke for quite some time about ourselves and what we did, you know how it goes. I quite fancied Ellin who was about 25 years old, about 5"8 with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, a cute little nose, ice white perfectly formed teeth and tits like watermelons. They asked me to join them for dinner that evening and so i thought i would make my move on Ellin then, however being an experienced ‘player’ i used the "i don’t want to stifle you, let’s just meet later for a drink." it worked like a charm and before i know it they were telling me what restaurant to meet them at, what to wear and where we were going for drinks later. Result! That evening i arrived at their chosen destination called Coyote, i was greeted at the door by Ellin and Anninna as well as their Slovakian friend (whose name I can’t remember) who was also a little minx. The restaurant was a Mexican tapas restaurant complete with fire blowing bar maid. It was quite the place and the food wasn’t bad either. The dick head in me offered to pay for the meal which came to about £80, again i thought it wasn’t that expensive considering what we had and i expressed how it was the least i could do considering their welcoming nature. We then went on what only can be described as a bar crawl, we must have been to about 7 or 8 bars each better than the last. By about 2am we were pretty pissed and on our way to LKF, an ubber trendy night spot 98 floors high. It was probably one of the nicest clubs I’ve been to (this is someone who has been to some of the best) and I was surprised by how relatively cheap the drinks were. Stepping outside onto the balcony and looking 98 floors down onto the streets below isn’t something you should experience when drunk, if I wasn’t queasy before then I was now. The night was spent dancing and socializing, everyone spoke to everyone and there seemed to be a really nice atmosphere to the place. By the end of the night I had both Anninna and Ellin after me, Anninna making me shake on the fact that is she wasn’t married by 30 she would come knocking on my door. I then had a snog with Ellin who was then pushed out the way by Anninna, cut a long story short we ended up having a three way kiss. All I could think about was wanting to tell Natalie, as we had seen this this exact same thing on Jersey Shore (an American programme). I got a taxi home and woke up the next day around 5pm.
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