Short story about Mary-Ann. Inspired by Regina Spektors ''sailor song''.
PG 14+


1. Mary-Ann

In eighth grade, there came a new girl in my class. Mary-Ann.

She was beautiful, and everyone knew it. Her breasts were big, her hair long, big, straight, and light brown, she always wore whatever was in. She was flirtatious, and smart. Really smart. She was, however, the type of girl who played stupid, she once told me, that she would get more out of life if she was stupid. I always had a crush on Mary-Ann. I made it my mission to get her to have sex with me.   By the time we hit high school, pretty much everyone had kissed Mary-Ann, but no one could claim they had her in the most intimate way. Everyone thought they'd give it a try though. She would kiss you till she bled,  but she would not take her vintage dress off. At this time, I still hadn't had her. I believed that she was waiting for me to make the first move though.   In my sophomore year I finally did it. I went right up to her and told her how I felt. I told her ''Mary-Ann, I really like you, go out with me''. And she did. It was wonderful. I brought her home after. I kissed her. Like I'd never kissed someone before. I made out with her. It was the first time I ever made out with anyone. It was amazing. Weeks went by, filled with dates and snogging. One day, laying in my car, she promised me she would have sex with me. I couldn't wait.I began to kiss her, and she kissed back, with more passion than ever. As I began to take her dress of, she stopped me. She got up, and left. Just like that. Days went by, and she didn't contact me. I was getting impatient. I had not done anything wrong. Then, one night, I saw her at a party. I began to walk towards her. I was going to confront Mary-Ann. But as I neared her, I saw the schools quarter back standing next to her. They were engaged in what looked like a very private conversation. He bent down and kissed her. I was angry. Beyond angry. I decided to forget all about Mary-Ann. I found myself a girl, and we went up to the bedrooms. I opened a door hastily, eager to have sex with the pretty girl I found. To my great surprise, there was Mary-Ann, fucking the quarterback. Mary-Ann's a Bitch.
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