The girl on a train.

Short story about a girl on a train. Just an introduction to a pretty normal girl.


1. The girl on the train

She’s the girl on the train. She reads Fitzgerald, the Rich boy of course, The great Gatsby is to mainstream. She says she likes her coffee black, but at home she will drink it with three teaspoons of sugar, and caramel syrup. She worships Regina Spektor, because she’s different. She hates having friends who gets better grades than her, and whenever she get’s bad grades, she’ll pass it off as ‘’I’ve had a lot of things on my plate lately’’. When she watches a TV series, she tries to take on her favorite characters personality. She loves traveling, and wants to see the world. She wants to be either popular or an outsider. She hates floating in between. For the most part she will see the world in black and white. She pessimistic. She hates not knowing things. She wants to experience love from a man and a woman. She’s a dreamer. She lives in two different worlds. And as she travels in between her little town out in the countryside and the big city she becomes the girl on the train.

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