The Art of Saying Goodbye

The seventeen year old girl Christina, moves to London, to solve the knot that is her life, after having some horrible years in Lima, Ohio. She puts her past behind her and tries to focus on her future.
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2. A new home

"Please remain seated and tighten your seatbelt's, as we will approach the runway soon," the voice in the loudspeakers woke me up. I don't usually fall asleep in planes, but seeing that I hadn't really slept in five days, I understood it. I did as the voice commanded, and got ready for landing. I popped a piece of chewing gum in my mouth, since I don't really like planes and I needed something to distract me. As we slowly came closer and closer down, the miniature version of earth slowly became bigger. After we had landed, I got my hand baggage and found my way out of the plane. As I was walking to the baggage claim, I turned on my Iphone. Seven new messages. three from my mom, I read the newest one that said:

#Hey honey, please call me when you're there. Love Mom#

I didn't really want to talk to her right now, so I just continued to read the rest of my messages. I had two from my bestfriend, Gabriella, who I called Gabi.

#Hey Chrissi, call me when you're there. Love you, and hope it will be good for you in UK. PS: I was to tell you that you're mom is really sorry that you had that fight earlier, and that she was wrong. Didn't really know what it mean't, but she asked me if I could tell you soo... But I really hope that you have a good time there, and you HAVE to call me every night! haha ;)

Love you <3 xoxo#


I didn't need to read the next message, I just called her right away. She answered fast.

"Hey Chrissi, are you there yet?" The sound of her voice calmed me down, after the horrible flight. "Well I'm not in the house yet, I'm standing in Heathrow Airport, trying to find my baggage," I heard a light chuckle escape my lips. Me and Gabi always joked about, how complicated airports can be sometimes. "Oh," she chuckled too. "Well, at least it's good to know that you survived the plane trip," "I'm also partly surprised, but yes. I did it!" We laughed, "oh well, I have to go, I see my luggage coming now," I said. "Well good luck, and have a great day. Love you, xoxo" "Yeah, I love you to so much. See you. Bye," I grabbed my suitcase, and got out of there as quickly as I could. I was glad that I had called Gabi, because she can do this thing, where just the sound of her voice, can make me feel at home, even though I'm not. 

The whole bus ride, I had sat and heard Ed Sheeran, he's an amazing musician, and his music can really calm me down.

I had gotten of the bus, on the right stop, and now I was standing infront of it. A tall building, with a yellow paint on which was scratched of, some places. I looked at the brown wood door, and thought that this would be my home for now.

My new home.


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