Into Wilderness

This is a poem written by my teacher who needs assurance that she is a dab hand at writing poetry and should never stop writing again. Please help me guys and say what you feel when you read this. Thanks :)


1. Into Wilderness


The golden beams that bathed and cleansed the surface,

The swaying trees that offered the soothing breeze,

The gushing waterfalls that meandered as life-giving rivers,

The multicolored flowers that add char to every occasion.

The mellifluous chirping of the ever busy birds and squirrels,

The incessant rhythmic chime of the human heart,

All this impeccable precision in nature had but one lesson to exemplify:

“How gracefully were they all surrendering themselves selflessly day in and day out?”

Oh mankind let go, let go, let go of all thy vices,

All the clutter in the mind and rejoice in life.

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