Snape as a vampire

Harry went down to the lake and just let his mind go....but then he saw snape and they went to talk....what will happened at the lake....well read it and leave a comment


1. Snapes Secret.


As Harry walks down to the lake he saw someone standing there and look over the lake.



"Professor Snape?"

"What now?" The old man turns around and faces Harry.

"It’s me Harry potter.... I was just wonder... what are you doing here at the lake... in night time sir?"

Snapes look at harry with a strange look.

"Merely observing the moonlight before you came along harry but now I wonder about what has you out at such a late hour?"

Harry was sitting down at the tree nearby "I always come here Sir..... Just to think of some stuff.... I have a promising from Dumbledore to do it....He knows that I need it".


Snape now look over to the boy sitting at the tree and look over the lake.

"Yes he does tend to take certain leniency to you doesn't he? I have a question harry... do you fear the changes ahead? Facing the dark lord and the fights ahead?"


Harry Looks up at Snape after he has asked "In a way.... I am....but only because I’m scared not to defeat him and then to lose some of my friends in the fight"


Snape start speech.

"If I could give you a way... to fight harder…. say to ensure you wouldn’t be killed. Would you take it?"


Harry looks with an interrogative face "what are you talking about sir..... Of cause will I take it..... If I have the changes."


Snape looked pensive for a moment before investigating harry more intensely

"It would come at great chose. you would stop ageing for one... your friends would be forced to age and die in front of you while you lived on... but I would be there for you. I can teach you tricks to cast a disguise to make you look like you are still ageing these are simple. And I would be at your side... if you would have me."

Harry Still looking with an interrogative face "I don’t know what to say sir..... I will take the change"

Snape sat down facing harry and looked at him intensely for a long while. "how old are you now Harry?"

"I’m 16 why do you ask Sir?" Harry answered


"Ah I wasn’t much older when this happened to me. It is important that you do know that you will never age again a day in your life if I do this. Do you wish to be stuck at sixteen? As I am stuck at 17?"

Harry looks away for a moment and then back again "I’m sure sir..... But what is it you will do?"


Snape looked down almost ashamed of the question. "I would have to give you a very special bite... give you the same curse I bear. I am a vampire Harry. And I love you."

Harry looks up once again "A..A vampire... but how... and..." harry starts to blush a little "you love me sir?.....Since when.... if I may ask?"


"How is simple enough. Let us just say that one isn’t showing a great deal of smarts when wandering down nocturne alley in the middle of the night as a teenager"


Snape at this point shed his outer disguise to reveal his 17 year old self. This was how he really looked and the only difference now was that his hair was quite well kept, his skin much less greasy and the fact he had red eyes and fangs. Really he was quite handsome. 

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