Snape as a vampire

Harry went down to the lake and just let his mind go....but then he saw snape and they went to talk....what will happened at the lake....well read it and leave a comment


2. Harrys changes.


"As for when I fell in love with you I cannot say. But I will say that once one like me is in love the only way for me to change my attentions to another is if you die. It’s just how being a vampire works I suppose" he shrugs.


"I see sir..." Harry cut not stop looking at him after he has changed.. He looks so beautiful and attractive "so if I let you bite me then.... I will change to... and be a vampire... and live with you forever?"


"If that is your choice. The change to a vampire is one of a tactical representation it will mean that Voldermort will have a much harder time killing you. As for living with me"


At this point Snape blushed though it wasn’t red the blush that darkened his cheeks was blackish.

"That is on your own decision... if you... feel the same I would welcome it but... I wont force anything on you harry."

Harry Looks down in a moment "Still.... I have felt the same way with you... in a long time... "

Harry starts to blush after have saying that "and I will love... to be with you."

Severus took Harrys hand from the ground and kissed the back of Harrys knuckles gently.


"will you allow me to bite you then?"

"I will love to " said harry and smiles at Severus.


Snape smiled and pulled harry to his chest with suppressing strength. He kissed the side of Harrys face not quite on the lips and whispered into his ear while pulling the boys shirt collar sideways.


"I now freeze your time and your death to give you life under the moon. Come and stay under the starry sky where friends can be found. urm... this might sting a little... don’t jerk around or it will hurt more."


At that Severus sank his teeth into Harrys shoulder the fangs slicing though the boys skin like a hot knife through butter. Harry suddenly felt all the warmth draining from him but the cold wasn’t harsh... it was like takeing a dip in a nice cool pool or pond on a hot day. The longer Snape was on his shoulder the more of his body had this refreshing feeling.


Harry feels like it burn at one moment...Grabs Severus arm and hold hard at him....feel like it went dizzy for a moment


After a few minutes harrys vision started first to get better then to get worse as his eyes recovered and he didn’t need his glasses anymore. Even with the medicated glass obstructing his views harry could see that the night was no longer dark to him but as bright as day. Eventually Snape pulled away from harrys shoulder and sighed contentedly holding harry in a hug that was more for support than much else.

"Oh I had forgotten how beautiful it tastes fresh... I really do love you harry... I think you have made me a bit drunk actually... how are you feeling?"


Harry took away his glasses.

"well I can see without my glasses.....but I don’t think…well...yes a different I feel like I’m stronger and hungry"

Harry smiles at the last word.


A warning to you harry, you are only stronger in body not in magic. You will still have to finish school here. But as for your hunger ... drink from this. *Severus handed him a black bottle from inside his robes

" It’s a poor substitute for the real thing but until I ask about I cannot find you someone who would be a willing victim for you... I do admit that my replacement potion does not taste exactly like the real thing but it will have to do for now. sorry."


Harry took the bottle from Severus"what is it? And can’t I not eat some normal food?"


"It is a replacement potion essentially imitation blood. Yes you can still eat normal food though without a replacement potion every night or someone willing to let you drink from them you will start to feel the effects of malnutrition." 


Harry takes the stopper at the bottle and starts to drink

" Feels much better uhm is it okay I call you Severus... Professor? And I have one question.... what are we going to do now... I mean should I go back like this"

Harry walks over to the lake and saw myself in the water.

Harry has changed.... his eyes where now more green and his skin was pure white...And like silver.... he has got some fangs

" I mean look at me.... someone will discover it."



"Yes you are much more beautiful now... I feel bad for diluting it but it must be done... point your wand at your face now the words are 'Priori reflecto' got it? And you can call me Severus but you must refer to me as professor in class and in front of others alright?"


Snape had an amused look on his face but he was also very happy with what had happened.


Harry took out his wand and point it into his face" Priori Reflecto" waiting but feel nothing* did it work Severus?


"Yes. It’s not a hard thing to do... have a look for yourself. "

When harry looked in the water again he saw himself as a human with a bite mark on his shoulder. Snape stepped up behind him and hugged him putting his chin on the boys shoulder.

"It’s just a disguise... if you bit someone now you would still have fangs... sort of like a shell around the real you. I hate that I have to look so old all the time but... well it would be weird to have a student aged person teaching potions wouldn’t it?"


"Yeah it will be strange to have a student age to teching us "hugging Severus back and close my eyes as I ask"..... so how are we going to do this Severus.... I mean how do we meet each other and can you tell me about why I feel so strong?"


"You feel strong because you are strong now. Do you remember when you fell three hundred feet at a quidditch match because of dementors? If you fell from that high now you would be sore for a few days but you would be able to simply get up and walk off. You could get run over by a truck and live to tell the tale with a few scrapes and brushes. And you could probably arm wrestle with hagrid and win. as for how to meet each other from now on come to my office if you want to see me I will always welcome you in. "


Severus placed a small kiss to harrys lips before backing away and doing 'Priori Reflecto' on himself. For him it took a minute to get to the way he looks now and harry could see numbers in gold hovering above the tip of his wand as he aged his appearance up to its forties.

" For now I think we had best get you back to the castle."


"Will you'll follow me back there.....and I have one more questions.... if you don’t mind I ask?"

Walks over to Severus and lay my arms around his neck....and look into his eyes.


At harrys touch the aged appetence of Snape fell away to once again reveal how he really looked as he was when he was 17.

" Yes I will follow you to the castle. Feel free to ask anything harry I won’t lie to you."


"Do..." harry Look away for a moment"Do Dumbledore know you are a vampire....or have you lie to him?"


"Yes Dumbledore knows about me. He also granted me permeation to turn you if you were willing. It’s alright. Our headmaster might be a little... eccentric but he knows that the way someone is on the inside is much more important than anything they might have to deal with on the outside. He lets ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and giants teach his classes believe me he has a kind heart."



"I see....He has a kind heart....."

Looks into Severus eyes once again" what am I going to tell Hermione and Ron.....if they ask where I have been?"

At this Severus chuckled


"Hmmm let’s see to make up an excuse for Gryffindors friends...say you were attacked in the dark forest by a vampire I just happened to come along and show you how to deal with it then lead you back up to your tower. For now... until your friends are more mature... Ronald especially I believe it best to keep our relationship somewhat of a clouded area to them. Come on now. let’s get you back in the lion’s den."


At this Snape started walking towards the school.

Harry walks beside Severus

" I think this is a night i ever will forget* harry smiles once and laugh"


"Nor will I anytime soon... ahh you almost made me forget! "

At this he cast the spell once more at himself waiting until the disguise was in its forties again.

"I really do hate looking like this... but I love working here. I hope you will forgive me."


"I will always forgive you Severus..."

harry walks into the hall

"I hope that I can get down to you in some weekends.... so it will just be us" harry smiles and walk up to one of the stairs waiting for answers.


"this does not mean I will let up any on your homework but I could be persuaded to help you with it on weekends... and even when it’s the middle of the week you can come to me harry any time I will be here for you. "

Snape ruffled harry hair a little before stepping up to the fat lady.

"Here you are. Do take care."



Thanks again Severus *

Harry punch to the door into the dorm.

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