Snape as a vampire

Harry went down to the lake and just let his mind go....but then he saw snape and they went to talk....what will happened at the lake....well read it and leave a comment


3. A/N

Hey Readers of this Fanfic.

Yes there had been going a long time since i updated this, but now i can tell that i will 'Re-write' this fanfic. I already started on it, and a lot more details will get in it. Even thought i wish people to be nice to me, im dyslexic so if there is grammar mistakes please just ignore them or don't point it out for me. 

I already go through two fanfics , where a lot of haters inbox me about my grammar mistakes and how i 'suck at writing'. 

Because of a good friend, i learned some words that i will always keep in mind.

"Haters Gonna Hate" *Walks off in Huffelpuff style*

She sent me a photo with Huffelpuff's symbol walking away with the text above. I loved it so much, that i always would remember it!

So between a week or two i will have the first new edited chapter of "Snape as a Vampire" out. I hope people will like it :3 

until next time readers!


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