What would you have done?

A boy called Tim lives with his parents. They lived a happy life until Tim's parents starts a fight and his mother lost her temper and killed his father. The economy goes bad at home and Tim's mom force him to steal and if he doesn't he got beaten... What should Tim do now?


1. 1 and only


Hello my name is Tim, and now I'm sitting on the death row, and I've been here for about 5 years now. I am here now writing on this half broken typewriter. You probably wonder why I'm here in this cell? I'll tell you how I ended up here.  


It started when I lived a happy life with my parents, I loved my father more than my mother because she always disagreed with me and dad. Then one day my mom and dad got caught up in a quarrel, mom was so angry that she went to get a knife in the kitchen, she shouted and screamed that she hated my father, then she brutally stabbed it into my dad's neck. I screamed didn't know what to do. I cried so much and couldn't breath properly. Mom also began to cry as she realized what she had done. She looked at me with big eyes and threatened me to not tell anyone, or she would do the same to me. My mom buried my dad in our backyard so no one would get to know. And from that day on I was always afraid of the night and went on a binge not to sleep. One day when I came home from school I saw mom sit and cut an orange, I looked at the knife and it was like a flashback in my head from that day she killed my dad, and then I fainted. When I woke up and saw my mom, I got shocked. But she just sat there with some soup, she told me to eat it to get better. I ate up and fell asleep after. When I woke up I realized my mom had putted some sleeping pills in it. It was very quiet in the house after. I went to the livingroom, but there were nobody. I went into my mom's room and saw her with a picture of my dad in her hand, she was crying, I placed my hand on her back and asked her, if you loved him, then why did you kill him? Mom looked at me without a word. She was so upset that she began drinking. She spent all the money we had on alcohol. We lacked food badly and we starved for a day, so my mom said I had to work, I was only 10 by then and children below the age of 15 were not allowed to work, despite us living in the US. So I was forced to steal, and if I didn't have something with me when I get home I  got beating. After 7 years of abuse I had enough. I did not want to steal anymore, I didn't want to be a crimnal anymore. Even though I was 17, I was still afraid of her.  One day I planned to get over with it. I was so angry I couldn't stand her anymore so I went to her room and shouted to her that we should pull ourselves together, I had not learned anything since tha day she killed my father, I had only attended school for two years, I was completely rediculous. but my mom, she simply just laughed. So I decided to kill her, do what she had done to my beloved father, I went into the kitchen to get the same knife she had used, stuck it into her throat. I remember I cried a lot. "So was the pain when you killed my father" I shouted, a few of the neighbors heard me scream, so they came in, caught me and called the police, but I just said; "first now you hear me shout"? "Where were you when she killed my father"? I began to cry and cry.  


I never got the life I wanted. All I wanted was a happy life with my family and friends, but never really got the chance. What would YOU have done if it was you? A man yelled my name, I heard him say it now, It was my turn to die now... So this was my entire life story. I will never see this cruel world again. I hope the path goes to heaven. Because I am innocent.            


    This is a story written by Ryan.Al-O in 2006. Translated From danish to english in 2012.

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