I Used To Be Loved

See if you can guess what item the poem refers to :)


1. I used to be loved....

I used to be loved.

My owners were proud of me, passing me on generation after generation.

They used to love listening to my sweet angelic music play.

But now I am alone.

No-one wants to here me play.

I am being forgotten.

I have just been left down here abandoned, alone.


I used to be loved.

In a few months time, they will have forgotten

All the happiness and joy we shared when we played

All the freedom and love we had through music,

It will all be forgotten.

As I lay battered and bruised on the floor not yet forgotten but shut out from the rest of the world,

I think about the joyful and sad times we had together.


I used to be loved.

But now finally my owners have forgotten.

They have shut me out not ever to be let back in, condemning me to a lonely, trapped life.

Now I am slowly wasting away, my music never to be played.

Left out in the cold, alone and forgotten for an eternity.

I will never be loved again.

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