Dreams...Thats Where I Have To Go - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

For years she’s been a girl with big dreams, but there getting no where. Mollie Allen, aged 19 from Wolverhampton is currently a female dancer in training. She’s been dancing her whole life, yet she’s starting to give up. Her only hope is to audition as a backing dancer for One Direction, her last option. She hasn’t had the best past with one of the boys from 1D, but it’s her only hope. So after 2 years of no contact, she goes for the audition hoping she won’t get recognized. With a race show of 4 to 1, Mollies through to the arena tour without an argument. When the rehearsals start, Mollie falls in love with one of the 4 boys who liked her at the audition. It causes a big whirl wind of arguments with her ex best friend/boyfriend. Her dreams may just have to come to an end.


10. Part 9; Making Mistakes

Dreams…that’s where I have to go

Part 9; Making Mistakes


Before we begin, this part goes out to my dad and my big long list of amazing friends. To my dad for being very strong these past few months, I love you very much and I’m so glad to see you getting back on track. Then we go on to my friends; Emily, Millie, Tom.P, Tom.H, Matt, Mitch, Sam, Olivia, Lucy, Nicola, Jack, Sophie.W and the rest of the group you know who you are. Also my twitter friends, they know who they are.




I could feel my self starting to come around slowly, my sight was blurred as it started to clear up a bit. Zayn was sat by my side, it was just him nobody else. He smiled at me as I sat up and took in the surroundings, my side still hurting as I sat up straight.

“Where is everyone? Where am I?” I questioned.

“You’re in hospital Mollie, you’ve had your appendix taken out. Everyone’s gone to get food; I said I’d stay here with you just in case you woke up.” Zayn answered.

“How you feeling though?” He added.

“Alright, I suppose. I’m still not happy with Liam though, but he was right…Niall doesn’t deserve me.” I said.

“Mollie…you mean the world to him. I’ve never seen him fall for someone so bad, he loves you to pieces, and you’re his princess.” Zayn replied.

“But he doesn’t deserve me, I’m just a stupid dancer.” I cried.

“A dancer that works hard to make her dreams comes true.” Zayn said wiping the tears from my face. He removed a piece of hair from my face before taking my hand. The both of us moved closer as we kissed. We heard giggling and laughing, and then it all went quiet.

“Mollie?” A voice asked. The both of us pulled away as I noticed Niall standing there. He walked out disappointed, look what I’d done now.




I’d messed up completely and lost the boy of my dreams. His messy blonde hair, sea blue eyes, gorgeous Irish accent…it was all gone. By now everyone had gone back, yet none of them had seen Niall since he stormed out…no one had. For now, I took a slow walk around the hospital gardens in my sweats and jumper. I need some fresh air, but took it slow as I was still in a bit of pain. That’s when I noticed Niall sitting on a bench in the middle of the gardens all by his self. Without thinking, I went and sat down next to him both of us sat in silence.

“What you doing out here?” He asked.

“Needed some fresh air.” I replied. there was that awkward silence between us again.

“The boys told me how much I meant to you, how I was your princess, how I’d changed you, how you wouldn’t shut up about me. I felt so bad that I’d messed and taken what Liam had said seriously, but it did hurt.” I confessed.

“I had right go at him after that though…” Niall admitted.

“Look Niall, you don’t realise how sorry I am about what happened early. You know things have been a bit tuff, we all make mistakes right?” I said.

“Normal, I’d never forgive a girl for doing that especially as it was Zayn. But you’re basically my whole world, I can’t let you go.” He said.

“Are you still going home to Wolverhampton though?” He asked.

“Maybe for a few days, I need to rest up. Mums coming to visit with Mary and Charlie in a bit though, she rushed them both out of school so they could come see me.” I replied.

“At least I know you’re in safe hands.” He said and picked me up bridal style, kissing me as he carried me inside.




“MOLLIE!” Charlie screamed running in to my hospital room as he jumped on my bed. I bent over in pain as it hurt with the force slightly as Niall gripped on to my hand.

“Charlie it down nicely please, Mollies in a lot of pain.” My mum instructed, as I sat up straight. He quickly sat down on the other side off me as Niall was sat next to me on the other.

“Hey little bud, how you doing?” Niall asked leaning round me to give Charlie a high five.

“Good thank you Niall.” He replied.

“How you feeling Mollie?” Mary asked handing me some flowers with a card.

“In a lot of pain and these flowers are beautiful.” I commented.

“Oh that reminds me, I’ll be back in a second.” Niall announced and walked out the room.

“Where’s he gone? Isn’t he one of Liams band mates?” Mum questioned.

“Not sure and he is mum, now known as my boyfriend.” Mum instantly shot me a stare at the word boyfriend.

“Mum, he’ll be fine…he’s a nice guy isn’t he Charlie?” I insisted.

“He’s awesome!” Charlie admitted.




Niall soon came back with food, which wasn’t a surprise and a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. I shared them round leaving a few for later when I was by myself. Charlie, Mary and mum had left for now which left just me and Niall.

“Do you think you’ll be coming back to work then?” Niall asked.

“I don’t know I need some time to think about it.” I replied.

“Please do, we love having you work with us. Alright maybe Liam doesn’t, but hey I defiantly do!” He laughed.

“I love working with you to, I just need to rest and have some thinking time.” I said.

“Look I best getting going though…” He announced.

“Don’t go, please…” I begged.

“Don’t go, don’t leave.” He sang.

“That’s my dads favourite song as well.” I giggled.

“Nice to see that smile of yours…I love you.” He called as he left. It was nice to know I was appreciated.

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