Dreams...Thats Where I Have To Go - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

For years she’s been a girl with big dreams, but there getting no where. Mollie Allen, aged 19 from Wolverhampton is currently a female dancer in training. She’s been dancing her whole life, yet she’s starting to give up. Her only hope is to audition as a backing dancer for One Direction, her last option. She hasn’t had the best past with one of the boys from 1D, but it’s her only hope. So after 2 years of no contact, she goes for the audition hoping she won’t get recognized. With a race show of 4 to 1, Mollies through to the arena tour without an argument. When the rehearsals start, Mollie falls in love with one of the 4 boys who liked her at the audition. It causes a big whirl wind of arguments with her ex best friend/boyfriend. Her dreams may just have to come to an end.


7. Part 6 - Just Tell Him

Dreams…that’s where I have to go


Part 6; Just tell him



It was Monday, today I was starting rehearsals with the boys ready for the arena tour. Rehearsals meant that I could no longer go to college which was a real shame; I mean I didn’t even get to say a proper good bye. But I text the head mistress at my college and she wished me the best and congratulated me on my opportunity. Overall I was looking forward to today, yet I wasn’t sure Niall had told any of the boys or anyone about me and him yet. Today was my chance to find out if he had or not. Currently me and the 9 other dancers; Tyler, Matt, Sam, Mitch, Tom, Ellie, Clara, Katrina and Danni were warming up while waiting for the boys. Just as I stretched one last time, Niall walked in followed by Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn.


“Good morning guys!” Niall sweet Irish accent called through the room as he put his bags down. As he noticed me stretching he winked at me and then sat now next to me.


“Hey gorgeous…” He whispered.


“Have you told them yet?” I asked.


“No…” He replied.


“You really need to, I’m not having relationship knowing your 4 best friends don’t know.” I pleaded.


“I will tell them when we have lunch I promise.” He said. That’s when we got interrupted by the dance coach; this was going to be a long day.








“That’s it for now guys see you after lunch.” The coach announced. All of us dancers were sweating now; we’d been worked to the bone all morning. Niall winked at me as I took a gulped of my water.


“I’ll tell them….” He mouthed; I nodded and blew him a kiss hoping no one was looking. I watched him walk out the room leading the boys hoping he would tell them. Danni then appeared next to me, making me jump a little.


“You and Niall would make a good couple you know.” She admitted as I picked up my stuff.


“I’m not sure, we’re just good friends to be honest.” I lied. Lying for me was the hardest thing to do.


“Have you ever thought of asking him out?” Danni asked as we walked out and towards the canteen.


“Not really, he’s just a nice guy.” I replied.




That’s when I noticed Niall talking to the boys. Danni carried on with the rest of the girls while I said I’d meet them inside. they agreed as I listened in on the boys conversation. It was all mumbling till I started to hear it clearer.


“I love her though Liam, you can’t stop me from loving her.” I heard Niall pleaded, then Liam sigh.


“Liam please, Nialls been on about her for days just let him love who he wants.” Harry begged.


“Alright, do whatever you want I don’t care anymore!” Liam huffed. That’s when I walked in and Niall noticed me, he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer to him.


“Hey gorgeous.” He said.


“Hey handsome, you told them yet?” I asked.


“Yeah, they seem cool with it.” He replied.


“Look, lets just keep it on the low for now anyway. I don’t want you to get hurt you.” He added.


“But don’t blame me if we’re spotted in the press.” I said.


“I won’t, but your mine now.” He laughed and kissed me in front of everyone. That’s when I felt unsure of our relationship in the public eye.








Rehearsals were over for the day and I had to make my way to work. Niall kissed me good bye and made his way back to the flat. I said I wouldn’t be back till late as usual, but I’d text him later. As I walked out of the studio, I pulled my phone out to see about 50 missed calls from Alex.


“Oh my god…” I muttered to myself as I started to panic. Quickly I called her back to see if she was still alive and breathing.


“ALEX! Thank god, are you ok?” I asked panicked.


“I’m absolutely amazing!” She screamed making me pull away the phone away from my ear.


“What the hell happened?” I asked.


“Josh flipping Devine asked me out on a date tomorrow…” She replied.


“Wow! That’s brilliant.” I commented.


“Now what do I wear?” She asked. She went on and on, I’d never heard her so excited but she was happy just like I was. That’s what I thought anyway.



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