Dreams...Thats Where I Have To Go - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

For years she’s been a girl with big dreams, but there getting no where. Mollie Allen, aged 19 from Wolverhampton is currently a female dancer in training. She’s been dancing her whole life, yet she’s starting to give up. Her only hope is to audition as a backing dancer for One Direction, her last option. She hasn’t had the best past with one of the boys from 1D, but it’s her only hope. So after 2 years of no contact, she goes for the audition hoping she won’t get recognized. With a race show of 4 to 1, Mollies through to the arena tour without an argument. When the rehearsals start, Mollie falls in love with one of the 4 boys who liked her at the audition. It causes a big whirl wind of arguments with her ex best friend/boyfriend. Her dreams may just have to come to an end.


6. Part 5 - Be Mine?

Dreams…that’s where I have to go

Part 5; Be mine?


It was Sunday evening, Charlie had gone back home and I was back at work. It was the first time I’d been at was in nearly 2 weeks due to me being so busy and because of that I now owe my manger by doing a whole week shift as well. My shift was now in full swing, doing the usual waitressing. I took to the tills, just as 5 recognizable faces walked through the door; Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall. Niall had done this deliberately just to see me, I could tell. He looked up at me and instantly smiled.

“Hey boys, how can I help you today?” I asked.

“Oh hey, you’re the girl that was from dance boot camp, that’s just moved to our complex, the one Niall fancies.” Harry blurted. Niall literally went bright red; he looked a bit pissed off.

“You are such a wind up Harry!” Niall exclaimed.

“Hey Mollie, can we have a table for 5 any way please?” Zayn asked as Harry and Niall continued their debate.

“Sure you can.” I replied and lead them over to a table. Harry and Niall still debated as Louis, Liam and Zayn sat down.

“NIALL, HARRY!” I called snapping both off them snapped out of the debate and looked up at me.

“Would be nice if you could join the boys?” I laughed. I placed the menus down and let the boys go from there.




All night long I had the boys cracking jokes as I served them, all apart from Liam that was. Liam was just sat there ignoring that I was even here he didn’t seem to care; he would just give me the evils every now and then. The night for the boys soon came to an end, which left Liam paying. Liam was made to come up and pay the bill, yet I knew he would make no conversation with me. When I told him the total he just slapped his card down on the side.

“Mollie, why did you come back?” He asked.

“Finally decided to make conversation have we now?” I responded putting his card in to the machine.

“Answer my question.” He demanded.

“I’ve told you Liam, it’s because it was my last chance. I did not come back for you, to be honest I’m way over you. You’ve got yourself a lovely girlfriend, I’m sure. I’m not going to interfere with that, I’ve got what I wanted now and I’m living my dreams. For now I am happy as I am.” I replied.

“I guess I owe you an apology, but I’m not being your friend I’m just saying sorry.” He said removing he card then walking away.




It was a little longer before the boys finally picked up all their stuff and started to leave. As I cleared away their table, I found a few tips they’d left on top of the bill. Underneath I also found a note from Niall.

‘Come see me when you get back from work, I need to ask you something.’ The note read. For some reason I felt the need to feel nervous. I was worried as of to what might happen. As I cleared the table away it was coming to the end of my shift. I collected up my belongings and made my way home. When I reached home, Niall was stood waiting out front talking to Paul. He pointed to me as I got out my car and walked over to him.

“So this is the girl you’ve been on about? She was at the boot camp right?” Paul asked as I stood next to Niall.

“Yeah she is the girl and she was there, unfortunately she’s not mine…yet anyway.” Niall replied. I looked at him concerned and his gave me a smile.

“Anyway, we best be going now Paul I’ll see you tomorrow.” Niall announced.




Niall led me up the stairs and literally raced me up the stairs. me being me, I ran up so fast I nearly passed out. Even if I was a dancer, I was still unfit in a way. The both of us sat on the floor against my door as I rummaged through my bag for my keys. Suddenly Niall handed me my door key.

“Where did you get that?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” He replied as he jumped off the floor. he held his hand out for me as I got on the floor. I put my key in the door and opened it, to see rose petals scattered through the hallway leading me in to the lounge. Placed on the floor of the lounge was a group of candles, the lights dimmed as I noticed a note in the middle of the circle of candles. Still unsure of the whole situation, I walked slowly in to the middle and picked up the note.

“Please…be mine? – Niall xx.” The note read. A smile fixed my face as I slowly walked back over to Niall.

“You’ve got me now…” I whispered.

“It’s a yes then?” He asked and I nodded. That was when our eyes connected, Niall placed his hands on my hips as I wrapped my arms around his neck. It brought our faces closer together, as our foreheads pressed against one another causing our lips to touch.

“I love you, you’re my princess.” Niall whispered as we pulled away. I was so scared about Liam now.

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