Dreams...Thats Where I Have To Go - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

For years she’s been a girl with big dreams, but there getting no where. Mollie Allen, aged 19 from Wolverhampton is currently a female dancer in training. She’s been dancing her whole life, yet she’s starting to give up. Her only hope is to audition as a backing dancer for One Direction, her last option. She hasn’t had the best past with one of the boys from 1D, but it’s her only hope. So after 2 years of no contact, she goes for the audition hoping she won’t get recognized. With a race show of 4 to 1, Mollies through to the arena tour without an argument. When the rehearsals start, Mollie falls in love with one of the 4 boys who liked her at the audition. It causes a big whirl wind of arguments with her ex best friend/boyfriend. Her dreams may just have to come to an end.


4. Part 3 - I'd Do Anything To Be With You

Dreams…that’s where I have to go

Part 3; I’d do anything to be with you


It was that time again, where I had to go back to London. But tonight I was meeting up with Niall, which I was looking forward. Tomorrow I was seeing mum and Mary briefly again, as they were dropping Charlie off for the weekend. For now, it was a good bye to mum, Mary and Charlie and hello London. Me, Alex and Mara were all making our way on to the train as we speak. As we took our seats, my phone buzzed alerting me I had a message. I took out my phone and read the text I’d received from Niall.

“Hey, can’t wait to see you tonight xx” He text. A big smile fixed my face as the girls looked at me weirdly.

“What are you smiling at?” Mara asked.

“Nothing…” I lied, still smirking.

“We all know it’s something!” Alex said trying to force it out of me.

“Since its you two, I’ll tell you but if you tell anyone I will murder you. Its Niall from One Direction, he gave me his number at boot camp on Saturday. We’re meeting for a coffee at 5 in Oxford Street.” I whispered.

“Are you sure you want to go through this again?” Mara asked.

“He asked me, so therefore I couldn’t say no.” I replied.

“Can you ask Niall, when you’re with him, if their backing drummer Josh is free?” Alex asked out of the blue. I and Mara just burst in to laughter.

“Stalker much!” Mara laughed.

“It’s not my fault he’s kinda fit! We were talking to each other at that boot camp thing on Saturday.” Alex said. The all of us burst in to laughter. Maybe two of us were falling in love rather quickly.




By the time we got of the train, it was 4.45pm which meant I wasn’t going to have enough time to take my bags back to the flat. Rather than going to my flat with the girls, I said I’d see them later and carried on, on the tube to Oxford Street as it was the next stop. I got to Oxford Street and outside Starbucks a tad late, but their was Niall standing outside. My pace slowed down as I walked towards him, his hood pulled up as he looked up at me and smiled.

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” I whispered.

“It’s alright, looks like you’ve been somewhere.” He said.

“Lets get inside and I’ll explain.” I replied pulling my case behind me. we got inside, order drinks and sat down.

“I’ve just come back from being at home for a few days in Wolverhampton as I barely get to go home. Normally I would stay a full week, but I’m moving to a new flat near my college tomorrow. Plus my little brother is coming to stay tomorrow night and the weekend while my mum and sister go to London for the weekend.” I explained.

“At least you could get some money out of it.” Niall laughed.

“I get a bit, but I have a part time job at Nandos that I do on weekends and Fridays.” I said.

“I love Nandos, what one do you work at?” He asked taking a sip of his drink.

“The one is Leicester Square. It’s quite a way from my new place, but I’ll get there.” I replied. The conversation soon got in to full swing, I felt like Niall had suddenly become my new best friend.




It was getting later, me and Niall sat in starbucks for nearly an hour then we finally chose to make our way home. Niall offered to get on the tube with me back to my flat and basically just drop me home which I thought was cute of him. As we walked in to my block of flats, I got a text from Alex.

“Have you asked him yet?” She text. I couldn’t help but laugh at her text, she was so desperate. Niall looked at me weirdly as we walked up the stairs.

“Don’t worry, its just my friend Alex. I think she kind of has a crush on your drummer Josh.” I explained.

“So that’s the one he was on about, he was chatting her up at one point.” Niall said.

“They need to get together.” I insisted.

“Give her this then…” Niall replied and wrote down Joshs number.

“Oh, she will love you for this.” I laughed as he handed me her number.

“Fancy coming inside for a bit, I’ll cook us dinner if ya want?” I asked as I put my key in my door.

“Can’t turn that down now can I?” Niall laughed.




I got cooking dinner for me and Niall from what I had left in the flat. Most of the stuff I had was all packed up in boxes, as was most of my belongings. Me and Niall were still in full conversation, he was such a lovely guy.

“Where abouts are you moving to tomorrow then?” Niall asked as I served up our food.

“A complex not far from Kensington, its not far from my college either. its down a private road, called South Way or something.” I replied.

“No way! That’s actually where me and the boys are living.” Niall gasped.

“Liams gonna hate me even more now, he keeps thinking I went to boot camp to get him back and I didn’t.” I explained handing Niall his food.

“He’s just got to accept that you’re here now, you’re living your dreams and like you said forgetting about your past.” Niall replied as we sat down. We were both right, I was here to forget about my past. We sat for ages when Niall finally had to say good bye. After Niall left, I found a note on top of all the plates that were washed up.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Would love to meet your brother, I’ll help you move in as well. Oh and I love you – Niall <3” Woo.



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