Dreams...Thats Where I Have To Go - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

For years she’s been a girl with big dreams, but there getting no where. Mollie Allen, aged 19 from Wolverhampton is currently a female dancer in training. She’s been dancing her whole life, yet she’s starting to give up. Her only hope is to audition as a backing dancer for One Direction, her last option. She hasn’t had the best past with one of the boys from 1D, but it’s her only hope. So after 2 years of no contact, she goes for the audition hoping she won’t get recognized. With a race show of 4 to 1, Mollies through to the arena tour without an argument. When the rehearsals start, Mollie falls in love with one of the 4 boys who liked her at the audition. It causes a big whirl wind of arguments with her ex best friend/boyfriend. Her dreams may just have to come to an end.


12. Part 11 - My Careers Over

Dreams…that’s where I have to go

Part 11; My careers over


It was back to work, well not exactly but I was going back to London for a start. Mary and Charlie were at school, mum went to work and I was left to travel home by myself. Alex and Mara had agreed to meet me at the station though, as they knew I was still in a lot of pain. For now I was at the last stop, which meant I was home. Slowly dragging my bags on the train, I made my way down the stairs to be greeted by Mara, Alex and Josh who was Alex’s boyfriend and the boys drummer.

“Mollie.” The girls screamed running towards me and hugging me.

“In pain here.” I gasped.

“Sorry….” Mara apologised.

“How you feeling?” Alex asked.

“In a lot of pain.” I replied. no one knew about the letter I got yet, not even the girls. I was to scared to tell them I was upset about something.

“Are you sure there’s nothing else? You look upset.” Alex commented.

“Honestly, I’m fine don’t worry.” I pleaded.


Josh, being a lovely boy took my bags for me. Thinking about it, maybe I could talk to Josh about the boys. He knew them well from being on tour with them for nearly a year now, I had to tell someone about it.

“Josh can I speak to a second?” I asked.       

“Yeah sure, baby you carry on.” He replied and kissed Alex on the cheek.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.

“Firstly how would you think Niall would react if Liam still loved me?” He looked slightly confused by what had said.

“Lets simplify it; Liam didn’t crop the end of the video of the apology he sent me. He said to Zayn at the end he didn’t want to let me go.” I explained.

“I wouldn’t tell him, he loves you so much and seeing you kiss Zayn broke his heart. If he finds out, Liam’s gonna be in so much trouble.” He said.

“What about if I said I can’t dance again?” I asked.

“You what?” Josh asked shocked.

“I have an infection that’s started after I had my appendix out, it can’t be cured and is causing me a lot of pain. Unless they can find the time to operate on it, I can’t dance again.” I explained.

“The boys can’t lose you…” He whimpered.




He sat in front of me, not knowing what I was about to say. All he knew was that it’s about the apology video, that’s all I said. He didn’t know about the end of the video not being cut.

“How you feeling babe?” Niall asked.

“Painful, but that’s not the only reason we’re here. I have to ask you 2 questions. One what would you do if I couldn’t dance again? And two what would you do if Liam loved me?” I questioned.

“I’d be upset if you couldn’t dance and I’d properly have a go at Liam, why?” He replied. That’s when I pulled the letter out, handing it to him as I put the DVD in to the DVD player.

“Mollie…” He began as I pressed play at the right moment.

“Zayn…why did I let her go?” I heard Liam say. Niall started to go bright red with anger, I felt myself fill with guilt.

“Do you love Liam?” Niall asked, trying to act calm.

“Why would I? after all he’s done Niall, isn’t it obvious I’m in love with you.” I pleaded. He didn’t listen, he just stormed out.


I ran after him when I all I could hear was shouting and screaming. When I reached Niall, he had Liam up against the wall holding him by the collar of his shirt. The security tried to split them up, but they were no help.

“How dare you try get my girl, she’s mine.” Niall screamed as security pulled him back.

“I wasn’t trying to get her back Niall, what are you on about?” Liam asked shaken up slightly.

“Oh so you sent the video as it was on purpose then.” Niall cried, he was getting upset now you could tell.

“Niall please, calm down.” I soothed.

“No! I’m not gonna lose this fight.” He said.

“You will if you don’t calm down.” I calmed. He just looked at me and walked outside in to a crowd of fans. That’s when he got mobbed by them, he hated that.

“NIALL!” Me and Zayn called. But where we too late?


That’s part 11, feedback please – Molls xx

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