Sorrow of the dead.

The dead once returned to life are scarry creatures. BE carefull not to do them wrong.


3. Spirits and Ghosts

My voice had a strange hollow echo sound to it, as if i spoke lightly in a cave, though i was speaking normally in what seemed to be Landen village's graveyard. 

"Do you know who you are?" Asked Veronica who sat down next to me and smiled pleasantly. "I am Maiden Fredricia, Caretaker of Dutch and Duchess Whithower's castle?" I asked trying to think back on the dimmed moment of my life. Could i even call it that? Veronica nodded pleased. "Correction, you were the castle's caretaker, along with other servants. Now you are a Spirit." She answered simply, the hollow sound in her voice emphasized the word Spirit. So i was a ghost. 

Oddly enough this thought didn't scare me, i was prepared for horror to run through my body, but nothing came. "Veronica you forgot the most important thing." The male said turning to me. "My name is Malachi, you are not a ghost, and this you must mark clearly in you soul. Ghosts are they whom have a chance to rest in peace and go to heaven. We on the other hand...Are doomed to walk the earth as spirits forever." He said with the same empty voice.

So there was a difference. This new though however scared me deep. Never to sleep, eat, drink or die. To walk forever with nothing to do? To see my old friends enjoy their lives, and just stand there with nothing?!

I could not bear the though so i cast it away and looked at Veronica.  

"We all have our stories. Reasons we are here, reasons we are sad." She said looking at her hands folded  in her chest. "But we do not know yours. We only watched from the bridge as the man chasing you, killed you. Sorry we could not help you." She added looking up at me. "What happened? If you like to say it later is alright." She said, putting on a smile. Malachi put on a smile too.

I like these people, they do not push me, yet they are hard and vast in the information they give me. They seem sad, in a way where i can relate to their sorrows, and i can step back and let them be without and feeling of guilt. I guess that's the true meaning of a lost Spirit.

"I do not really feel like talking about it now. Could i maybe hear why you are here. Sorry but you seem like harmless good people?" It almost seemed unreal, for them to be dead this young. Like somehow, the deserved to die later. I don't even know them and here i am judging them out of the strange feelings i get from their beings. 

Malachi sighed, and Veronica nodded slowly.

"You have every right to hear our tales, if you are going to walk this earth for eternity with us." She said looking at me with a forced smile.

"I was the one who died first." Malachi said looking into my eyes. "I was a young boy in the streets of Landen five hundred years ago...

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