Sorrow of the dead.

The dead once returned to life are scarry creatures. BE carefull not to do them wrong.


2. Awakining the dead

"Look at her she's getting pale." A female voice said. It was soft and pleasant, but had a strange hollow sound to it like an echo in it's own strange form. "Indeed she is waking up!" A male voice said, it too had the same hollow sound, were these people human? And who are they? 

Where am i? How did i get here? Didn't i die?! 

Questions started  to rage through my head. I was overfilled and tried to open my eyes. Something was holding me down. I panicked, my body went into strange cramps and i twisted and turned back and forth. I could not even stop it. "There are the cramps, oh i do hope she is not in a lot of pain." The female voice said, it was full of concern. Funny the pain only came when she said it.

A creeping frost-bite cold came in on me from my legs until it finally hit my heart. IN that last strike i felt like my hole body became into nothing. Like i no longer was a being of matter.

"There she is Veronica, our new companion." The male voice said. "She is beautiful...but she's not moving?" The female voice, apparently named Veronica said. "Just wait a moment i'm sure she is just thinking herself about." The male answered again. He was right i needed  time to adjust and i was almost getting there.

I tried getting up still not opening my eyes. I waited and i could feel both peoples tense excitement. But was i their new companion? If i didn't like them do i have a choice? Maybe maybe not. I tried to open my eyes, i was at a graveyard on the ground in front of a tree with a bench. 

Now i could see the voices i had heard. But they where almost see-threw, like ghosts, i am i a ghost?

The girl Veronica from what i could tell of the muted colors her hair was blond and her eyes were white with small black pupils. She was swearing a red long dress that dated from the 13-hundreds.

The male voice who i still didn't know his name. Had dark black features and a work outfits a bit newer. Again his eyes where white with black pupils, were mine the same?


"Hello?" He said quietly and slowly. I put on the best smile i could.


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