Sorrow of the dead.

The dead once returned to life are scarry creatures. BE carefull not to do them wrong.


1. Muder by the old stone bride

I ran. As fast as i could. I concewntraited on keeping my legs in front of me, so i woulden't trip. I heard my own small shrieks evry time i breathed. I heard his steps too. Running after me. They wher heavy and fast, faster than mine. I turned and ran across the high stone fence that prevents you from falling in the lake. My dress caught in a small out sticking stone in the fence and the stone path suddenly twirled towards my face. 

Through my head back and looked for him. He was behind me. I Tore the caught part of my dress off and got up. He was close now, too close. I ran again, the part of my dress that had been torn off was actually quite big and gave my legs more freedom to run in. 

The stone bridge across the lake, came closer and closer. WHen i reached it i didn't hesistate. I ran staright on it ignoring the signs of bridge consturction. I stopped where there was a large gap between the cut off part of bridge to the other side. Too far for me to jump. I turned around and there he was.

My heart felt like it was bursting through my chest. Tears streamed down my cheeks like waterfalls. He grunted like and animal. HIs pose looked like a dreanged wherewolf. I backed to the large gap of the bridge. He came closer, a grim smile danced across his face. I looked back as my feet where on the tip of the bridge. I gathered myself and made my decision. I lifted my chin help out my arms to each side. Turned around.

And jumped. Straight into the cold muddy water. It was freezing and it took me time to figure out how to swim. I started swimming and after w ahile i heard the saound of someone else jumping in. He was persistant. I swam all i could but he was faster. Much faster.

He caught up to me and took me buy the neck. He held my buy the neck and swam with me like that. I fought with all my strength but the cold had frozen my limbs too much for any help. He dragged me on to a small part of the lake where you can stand. He threw me in to the stone wall that led up to the street where i had just been running. 

His strong hands crushed against my neck and i felt the air passage get blocked. "Why?" I managed to whisper he just pushed even harder. My life flashed before my eyes, and in my final moments i cried buécause i never had a life....

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