Don't Blame Me

On the 10th anniversary, Catherine finds her best friend, Mia killed in her living room, behind her aquarium. Catherine didn't do it! Or did she?


2. Lie to me.

Wednesday Catherine showed up in court, as told. There were so many people. Mia’s family and friends. Mia’s parents spotted Catherine from afar, and walked to her. “Are you okay, honey?” her mum asked.

Catherine nodded. Catherine had lived with Mia for a period of time once, while her mum was in rehab, and her dad was in jail. Mia’s parents were kind of like Catherine’s parents.

Catherine started crying. “Oh sweetie, it’ll be alright. We know you didn’t do it.” Mia’s mum said and hugged Catherine.

“I don’t want to go to jail!” Catherine cried out loud. “Not like my dad!”


Later in the courtroom, Catherine had to state her testimony.

-“Mia and I were best friends. We had known each other for 10 years, and wanted to celebrate it with a brunch and just have a great day together as girls. So I took the bus to Mia’s house. When I knocked on her apartment door, nobody answered, so I entered. Her apartment seemed empty, and cold. I looked around to find Mia. I entered her living room, but couldn’t see her, but her fishes seemed hungry, so I fed them. I saw Mia behind the aquarium. At first I thought she has just fallen from her chair, hit her head and passed out. But when I realized she was dead, I immediately called the police.”

-“Thank you” the judge said. “Mrs. Sterling, you may begin your cross examination.”

A tall woman stood up and looked at Catherine with a strict look. “You say that you entered Miss Hansen’s house, even though she did not answer the door. Why?”

-“Mia and I are – were – best friends. I thought she was just taking a shower or something like that.”

-“Hm. Then you say you looked in the living room, but saw no one. Though, you fed her fish. You knew Miss Hansen was often working, and that her desk was behind the fish tank. Why didn’t you check there first?” the intimidating lawyer continued.

-“I gave Mia her first fish. Ever since, her fishes were like our children. And even if Mia was at her desk, she would’ve seen me standing in the doorway.” Catherine replied.

-“How could you tell the fish were hungry?” the lawyer continued.

-“I couldn’t, but Mia usually forgets to put the lid back on the can, but it was on. And it looked a little dusty.” Catherine said.

-“Interesting. You arrived at Miss Hansen’s house around 11:20, correct?” the lawyer asked.

-“The bus arrives at 11:20, yes. It only takes me a few minutes to walk to her house.”

-“You say you called the police the second you saw Miss Hansen, yet, the police didn’t receive your call until 11:42. Explain.”

Catherine sighed. “I fell on my way to her apartment, and scraped my knee pretty bad. It slowed me down a little. I also took a little time to look at the fishes eat. I’ve always found it cute to see.”

The woman looked at Catherine and nodded. “Your honour, I have no more to ask Miss Jenkins.” she said and sat down.

“Miss Jenkins, you may sit down.”

Catherine left the stand, and sat down next to her lawyer. She looked around the courtroom. Nobody seemed suspicious. Though, someone stood out. Alisa. Alisa was Catherine’s best friend before Mia, and had always hated her for taking Catherine from her. But why had she shown up? After all, she hated Mia, and had no business with her.

“We’ll take a short break.” the judge said.

Outside the courtroom, Catherine talked to Alisa. “Why are you here?” she asked.

-“To give you support!” Alisa smiled.

-“I don’t believe you. You hated Mia, and wouldn’t come anywhere near anything related to her.” Catherine said.

-“We were best friends, and best friends trust each other!” Alisa said and gave Catherine the puppy-dog look.

Catherine frowned and walked away. Catherine consulted her lawyer about Alisa, and both decided it would be a good idea to hear her testimony.


After the break, Alisa was called. “Mrs. Lou, please state your testimony.” the judge said to Alisa.

Alisa nodded. “I haven’t seen Mia or Catherine for years. 10 years ago, Mia stole Catherine from her, and instead of carry a grudge against her, I decided to let it go. I was nowhere near Mia’s house last Saturday!”

Didn’t carry a grudge against her? Alisa carried a HUGE grudge towards her! She was a big fat liar! Catherine wanted to object, but it wasn’t really her job. She poked her lawyer in the side and silently whispered the lie.

Catherine’s lawyer started his cross examination. “You say you didn’t carry a grudge against Miss Hansen, though my client states you did.”

Alisa looked at Catherine as if she was about to kill her. “No, no! Catherine must have misunderstood something!” she said and laughed.

Her lie was so obvious, and so thick, it made Catherine sick. Yet, she had been Catherine’s best friend, and had no apparent reason not to trust her. She just had to go with it.

-“Aha. You also say you were nowhere near Miss Hansen’s house last Saturday, right?” Catherine’s lawyer asked.

-“Correct.” Alisa replied.

-“How do you know it was last Saturday Miss Hansen was killed? It was never mentioned.”

Alisa took a deep breath. You could see the cranks and wheels turning inside her head in order to come up with a good excuse. “Well... Uhm... You see... I... Err... I could just remember! The, uh, date that Mia and Catherine became best friends. And, uuh, that date was a Saturday this year!” she finally said.

Catherine just wanted to get a good grip of Alisa’s neck and choke her. She was lying! And it was obvious.

“You seem rather confused, Miss Lou.” the judge said. “Remember you are under oath.”

Alisa nodded. “Yes, your honour.”

Catherine’s lawyer looked at Alisa. “I have no more to ask Miss Lou.”

“We’ll continue the trail tomorrow, starting with Mr. and Mrs. Hansen.” The judge said.

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