Don't Blame Me

On the 10th anniversary, Catherine finds her best friend, Mia killed in her living room, behind her aquarium. Catherine didn't do it! Or did she?


1. BFFs

Chapter 1 – BFFs.

“You there?” Catherine asked as she entered Mia’s apartment. They had been best friends for years, and wanted to celebrate their 10th anniversary. “Mia?”

The apartment seemed very empty, and... Cold? It didn’t seem as friendly and warm as usual. Catherine walked into the living room. Nobody was there. Though, the fishes seemed hungry, so she fed them. She looked at the tiny fishes in the aquarium eating the flaky food. Catherine had bought Mia her first fish when they were still kids. Catherine noticed some red stains on the glass, and tried to polish them away with her sleeve, but they didn’t disappear. Were they on the other side of the glass? Did a fish die?

Catherine focused on the stains, when she noticed... They weren’t even on the glass. They were on the floor behind the aquarium. And someone lay next to them. Catherine walked behind the aquarium. There were some of the stains leading to the others. They looked like... Blood.

Catherine dipped her finger in the stains and sniffed it. It was in fact blood. And it was fresh. Catherine looked up and saw... Mia!

“M... Mia?” Catherine stammered.

Mia didn’t react. Catherine looked at Mia. Her skin looked cold. Her feet were still on her office chair. Did she fall from the chair and hit her head? Catherine took a closer look at Mia. She wasn’t still bleeding. She wasn’t even breathing. She was... Dead!

Catherine screamed, and quickly grabbed Mia’s home phone and called the police. Her hands were shaking as she put the phone to her ear. “Hello, Manchester police department.” a lady said.

“My... I... “Catherine couldn’t get the right words out.

“Hello, miss? Is everything okay?” the lady asked.

Catherine started crying loudly. “My best friend has been murdered!” she cried out loud.

“What’s the address? We’ll send someone right away, just stay where you are”.

A few minutes later 3 police officers knocked on the door. “Manchester police department” a man said.

Catherine slowly opened the door. Her hands were still shaking. “May we come in?” the man asked politely.

Catherine nodded. “Where is the body, miss?” he asked.

Catherine took a deep breath, and said: “behind the fish tank.”

The police officers took a look at Mia. Or at least her body. Catherine shed a little tear as she sat on the couch. A nice looking police lady stood form behind the aquarium and walked to Catherine. “When did you arrive?” she asked. Her voice was kind and sweet.

“About 11:20 this morning.” Catherine said, and wiped away a tear.

“Was the body here when you arrived?” the police officer asked.

Catherine nodded slowly. “I fed her fish, and saw her through the aquarium.”

The police officer nodded and took notes.“ She was your best friend?”

Catherine nodded and cried. “It must be hard for you.” The police officer said and took one of the handkerchiefs on the table for Catherine’s eyes.

The other police officers took a lot of pictures. “You have to get home, miss” one of them said. “This is a crime scene now.”

Catherine nodded and grabbed her bag. “I’ll drive you home.” the nice police lady said.

Later at home, Catherine sat on her couch and watched TV. She was very sad. She had a hard time believing Mia had actually been murdered. She had never been mean to anyone. She was a kind person, liked by everyone. Yes, she had some ex-boyfriends and some people thought she was way too sticky, but nobody wanted to kill her. Well, obviously.

Suddenly, Catherine’s phone started ringing. It was a private number. Catherine picked up. “He-Hello?” she said.

“Catherine Jenkins?” a voice asked.

“Yes?” she replied.

“You’re our main suspect. Show up in court on Wednesday” the voice said and hung up.

Catherine was choked. Her? A main suspect? Why would she want to kill her best friend? And on their 10th anniversary? It was gibberish. Mia was her longest and best friend!

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