Assassin of Angels

Arella is an angel, trained to kill others of any species of their clients choosing. Yet one assignment will put her morals to the test...


1. Silver Blood

I stared at Vangelis, so helpless laying on the ground, his uniform stained with mud from the hard falling rain and a long gash under his piercing blue eye that flowed blood down the right side of his face. He stared at me horridly, his lip trembling as I clutched the dagger in my hand over my shoulder, yet I wasn’t going to end his pain just yet.  Sitting on top of him, I stroked Vangelis’ feathered wings, a pure white, just as most angels had, and grasped on the feathers. Vangelis’ eyes widened, full of hatred and displeasure.


                I pulled out one of them, making Vangelis cringe as I stroked the feather’s soft edges. Somewhere inside me, I wished my angel wings could be white.  Blood was already sneaking through the empty patch as I tore away three or four more feathers, and tears filled his eyes. Once he was in pain, and I had stripped thirty or so feathers, I stood, diving the dagger into his heart. I moved it around inside him, then pulling it out so I admire the silver angel blood.


                Something about their blood was fascinating, hinting a glow and aura that was very powerful, yet there was a force much greater. I dug the dagger around so that I could pull out his heart , a shining gold. No doubt that Vangelis was dead, so that he couldn’t live to tell my tale, I heard footsteps wandering the garden.


                Surprised, I grabbed my dagger, his heart, and a small canteen that I had filled with his blood and jumped into a tree to watch the guards surround Vangelis’ body.  They bickered for a moment before one left and the other bent over his body. I grabbed an arrow from my a pouch I had tied around my waist and threw with dexterous skill so that it punctured the guard’s heart, making him fall to the ground.


                Smiling, I launched myself into the air, my violet wings carrying me along the wind towards the cave on the far side of a valley. There, my clients were waiting, as they were very busy dragons.

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