falling through darkness.

a young girl falls in love with the strange new boy in town. soon to realise hes an evil fallen angel and wants her to become his princess of darkness, while in heaven Gabriel the gods and goddesses Messenger, is also in love with her and she has to choose one of them knowing shes in love with both of them.


2. mornings

 Bright yellow sunlight bursted through the blinds and woke Saturn up. it was a begining to a beautiful day. For the first time in months Saturn felt kinda good, she got up quick and decided to get dressed. In the end she choose a pair of aqua blue flaired jeand, a classic red vest and her beloved brown leather jacked. she brushed her long brown hair strait, pcked up her converse and bursting with joy she came downstairs to get brekfast, she was really happy as she knew, she will see him again.

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