falling through darkness.

a young girl falls in love with the strange new boy in town. soon to realise hes an evil fallen angel and wants her to become his princess of darkness, while in heaven Gabriel the gods and goddesses Messenger, is also in love with her and she has to choose one of them knowing shes in love with both of them.



Dear diary,

Today i met someone, not just any someone, but a special someone. His name is Lucifer. Yea` i know a weird name. But he is amazing. He makes me feel so special and-.

Saturn looked at the last line written, she promised herself she wouldnt fall in love. Not again. Love is for weak people, amd she isnt.  Saturn could not belief shes doing this agin , breaking promises she kept. She got so annoyed she threw her diary across her room so it landed on her cherry wood dresser, turned her lamp off and drifted into sleep.

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