Silence Is A Virtue

Rhiannon Spencer is just your average 16 year-old teenager: hyper, hates school, argues with her parents every so often, fancies guys WAY out of her league and has serious friendship problems. Of course, being a teen, Rhiannon's diary of every day events seems outrageous, but as the pages turn, more is revealed. Deep inside lies a troubled past, and a girl who's scared of the future.
When picking the winners, I would like you to take into consideration that I wasn't able to submit the original version of this story, which is Silence is A Virtue, and has over 2000 views, 7 favourites, 6 likes and 28 comments.


10. Shock, Shock and More Shock

Dear Diary,

The source of the noise has been discovered. It was Edmund. He'd managed to climb on top of the garage in an attempt to knock on my window, but fell of and landed in a bush. My mum was very surprised to see him tangled up in the branches as she made a pot of tea.

He's been bandaged and plastered and is fast asleep on the sofa at in the sitting room. He looks peaceful. He fell asleep and no one wanted to disturb him, so mum placed a blanket over him and let him downstairs.

He'd come over to tell me that he'd broken up with Abigail. Obviously, I didn't know that when I found him wet and scratched in the middle of my kitchen, my mum fussing over him.

"What are you doing here, Edmund?" I asked when I first saw him.

"I came to see you... but I fell off the garage roof," he explained, wincing as he smiled.

"You fell off the roof?" He nodded. "You are such an idiot," I smiled, walking over to him. "We own this amazing thing called a front door, y'know."

Edmund grinned at me, pressing my hand to his face.

"I'll give you two some time alone," my mum said, winking at me and leaving the kitchen.

"Care to tell me why you're here?" I asked, pulling up a stool and sitting next to him. Edmund looked at me with his beautiful eyes for a long time before he spoke.

"I have something to tell you," he replied. His voice sounded very serious, almost scary.


"I broke up with Abigail."

At first I was shocked, and I didn't know what to say. Edmund kept looking at me, waiting for me to say something.

"How did she take it?" I asked.

"She didn't really care. It turns out that she was cheating on me anyway."

I was going to say 'I'm sorry to here that', but when I thought about it, I wasn't sorry at all. I was ecstatic. Edmund was finally mine. I didn't say anything to him, instead I leant in and kissed him. It felt even better now that I knew what was going on.

My heart beat escalated, and I smiled through the kiss. Edmund held me close.

"Thank you," he whispered to me.

"What for?"

"Letting me in," he replied, kissing my forehead.

I buried my face in his shoulder before I started crying. He was right, of course. I had let him in. I hadn't fully realized it until then, but it was nice to have one more person there to support me whenever I needed it. I was so used to only having my parents and Krissy and Maybelle. I'd never told anyone about my past by choice. I've got no plans to tell anyone else. Being raped and being beaten and being left for dead isn't exactly something you go around telling any old Tom, Dick or Harry.

"Rhiannon," Edmund said gently after I'd stopped bawling my eyes out. "There's something else I need to tell you."

I nodded, not letting go of him.

"I lied when I said I was in the hospital with appendicits. I was in there with a punctured lung."

"A punctured lung?"

"Yes. I was rushed in a week before you arrived with stab wounds. My dad used to abuse my mum, and that one night, he was really bad. I wasn't willing to sit in my room with my head covered with a pillow any more, so I defended my mum, and he tried to kill me. My dad's in the same prison as Ethan, serving a life sentence for attempted murder. My mum's in the cemetery down the road from here. She died of internal bleeding in her brain, the hospital couldn't save her. She was dead before she entered surgery. I'm now living with my aunt and uncle."

Silent tears slipped from my eyes and down my face. I felt awful. All these years, I've only ever thought of me, and now I'm seeing that violence reaches others too.

"Edmund, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize."

"It's not your fault, Rhi. You had no idea, I didn't expect you to have any idea. I'm like you- I don't let people in any more. I don't want anyone to know about my past, which is ruling my future. I may have had lots of girlfriends, but they're all short term, and I've only been in love once. And that's with you."

I held Edmund close to me as we both sobbed our hearts out. We were both broken and scarred, both scared of moving forwards and letting people in. Secretly, we were both hoping to find hope in each other.

My mum found us half an hour later, still weeping into each other. I told her what happened, and how he was feeling, so we let him stay for a while. He fell asleep on the sofa half way through the news.

I hope he's still here when I wake up.

I hope that he is because I think I'm in love with him.


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