Lily can't imagine her life without her BFF Jace. They have been inseparable since birth. Now, Jace is moving to the other side of town - no longer next door.

Returning to school, they discover they no longer have any classes together. Jace begins to make new friends easily and starts dating Kiara. Kiara is pretty and popular; Lily’s not. Now Lily wants to be more than just friends but Jace never go for her. She can’t even cast a spell like her mum!

Then, Lily discovers something she is good at… swimming.

When Lily isn't at the pool, she finds herself drifting off with scenarios where she is Kiara and Jace is hers. Lily doesn't want Jace and Kiara to kiss; not ever!
With an unusual offer from Murray, the swim team superstar, Lily has the chance to ruin the blossoming romance... but at what cost?

With a warning from her mum, famous for her fortunetelling skills, to stay away from Murray, Lily has to choose to follow her heart and accept Murray’s offer or let Jace go.


1. Drift the full story

I have finished writing Drift in full and it is currently available to read in full for free on Swoon Reads:  http://www.swoonreads.com/m/drift


Swoon Reads is a type of crowd sources publishing.  The novels that get the most votes will be considered for publication.  So, if you like it, please vote to help it get noticed.


If you enjoy YA Romance, you will find other stories available there too.


Many thanks



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