I knew I loved you

Well, about my story...
I didn't know what to write. So I just sat and listened to music. Then it hit me. I could write a story about the music I was listening to. You know how every song tells a story.. And my favorite singer happend to be Darren Hayes (From Savage garden)
- Every chapter has it's name after one of his songs. The songs haven't really much to do with the text... yea yea, okey... thats it I guess. I don't know if this can be called fan fiction or not... Probably not.

About the story ;) :: It's about a girl who have just lost her father. She blames her self for him dying. Then she meets a guy who makes her life worth living again. And some new friends. But her mom don't really agree. She don't want her daughter to be with this guy. And everything falls apart again.

Btw: Sorry for misspellings! ;D
And also: I made the video for a school project and decided to put it on here because well... it fitted with friendship and stuf. Plus it's one of his songs.. ;)


5. Talk Talk Talk (Quite unnecessary chapter)


Del is absolutely the shortest one of them. I wonder if she can ever be seen among hundrets people gathered in one room. Gladly for her theres only twenty... something, in our house. And right now they are all sitting down waiting for dinner. I don't know why we're even serving dinner in the first place. I just thought we were having a little gathering in our house but for some reason my mother decided people should stay for dinner too. As I said before. She likes showing of. At least when it comes to her money.

Before one other girl (Jenna) went out serving our guests again she told me a little about them. The waiters working for Food Freaks I mean. I noticed jenna's not the least shy talking about her self and the others. it's not like the others are quiet, they are all talking to me too. Which kinda makes ma happier. So after about half an hour I know more about the people working for Food Freaks than I do about aunt Claire, and she's always happy to share. I know that Del who is the same age as me -16- is the youngest waitress and the other two is a year older. Food Freaks also work at weddings and birthdays but are not always this small amount of people working. The chef -Kayla- had originally a partner but she cut of so Kayla was left by her self. Which I think is good, because she's clearly doing well. If she can afford with all those tatoos I mean. I have no idea how much a tatoo cost but I figure it's not free. I Like Kayla. I don't don't know how old she is, but she must be over twenty-five. She's cool. Wery cool actually. When I first came in to the kitchen she just said that I could wash of in here if I didn't want to go out there again. So I did. I didn't do anything about my flowered-dress though. But my arms and legs are all clean now. And my shoes are ruined so I really hope mom doesn't notice. I probably be dead by then. As I said, I really like Kayla. She's the one keeping me company in the kitchen (Cause she's making the food (Which smells delicious)) and she haven't even asked me for help. She didn't even ask why I was all muddy and so when I got in. No one did. Kayla doesn't talk that much anyway.

This feels like a sanctuary compared to the now full dining-table. I'd rather sit here on the tall stool by the kitchen-island all night than being put up with all the people from my dads funeral. My mood is sky high now compared to out there. Or out in the garden. That was so embarrassing. I cried in front of a guy I didn't even know. A guy I don't know. I don't know much more about him then I did before. He's the only one Jenna hasn't told me about. I don't even know where he lives, or anything. I seriously know nothing about him. Nothing more than his age and name. Just his first name.

But then again, I do know he have pearly-grey eyes, dark brown hair, an amasing body and also no problem with sixteen year old girls clining on to him like a monkey, crying. That was so stupid of me. Smart way of getting guys. Good job Sophie!

Kayla is done with the desert and I'm licking the bowl (Not like I'm a dog or anything, I have a spoon) when Del, Jenna and Nate steps into the kitchen again. Apperently, Del didn't drop something this time. She always stumble upon  something and drop her tray according to Jenna. Thats why she's only carrying one tray while Jenna and Nate's carrying two. But not when they serv sitting people, then thay just carry one tray.

Jenna's just telling me about one time during a wedding long time ago how Del fell, on the cake, when my mom walks into the room.

"there you are!" She's sighing. "I tought you'd run away!" Apparently not. She looks around in the kitchen. "What are you doing here?" If someone wonders, yes, that was my happyness flying out the open window. "Come on in and sit with us. Aunt claire wonders where you went, she'd like to talk to you" My turn to sigh. Aunt Claire.

"Can't I just sit in here?" I look at the four of them working in the kitchen pretending not to listen. "I don't think they mind" Jenna look up at me. My savior.

"No we don't mind, we really like having her in here Mrs Scott" Jenna smile at my mother. To bad she's not falling for that.

"Don't be rediciulos, come on now" She opens the door for me to walk out. She don't seem as happy anymore "Let them do their work, you don't belong here" I stare at her. I don't belong here? Whats that suppose to mean? I ask my self though I already know the answer. My mother thinks I'm better than them because I'm from the nicer part of town and they aren't. Sometimes I really hate my mother. Who cares where people come from? I only care what they are like. Like if they would bare a weird girl crying in front of them or not. Thats a thing that matters to me. But clearly not my mother. So after a quick look at Del, Kayla, jenna and Nate, I follow her out the door. I bet they all understood what my mother meant. I want to tell them I'm sorry but how to? I didn't do anything, my mom did.

I'm just glad she didn't see my shoes standing just next to her.


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