I knew I loved you

Well, about my story...
I didn't know what to write. So I just sat and listened to music. Then it hit me. I could write a story about the music I was listening to. You know how every song tells a story.. And my favorite singer happend to be Darren Hayes (From Savage garden)
- Every chapter has it's name after one of his songs. The songs haven't really much to do with the text... yea yea, okey... thats it I guess. I don't know if this can be called fan fiction or not... Probably not.

About the story ;) :: It's about a girl who have just lost her father. She blames her self for him dying. Then she meets a guy who makes her life worth living again. And some new friends. But her mom don't really agree. She don't want her daughter to be with this guy. And everything falls apart again.

Btw: Sorry for misspellings! ;D
And also: I made the video for a school project and decided to put it on here because well... it fitted with friendship and stuf. Plus it's one of his songs.. ;)


2. Roses


 When it's time for me to lay my flower on my dads coffin everyone is looking at me. As good as everyone with those stupid eyes. Of some reason they can't stop looking at me with those Oh-i'm-So-Sorry-Puppy-eyes. Like it's gonna change anything if they look at me. I try not to care. I try to focus on my task instead. I'm suppose to lay my flower up on dads coffin whos standing on some steel interlock above a hole in the ground. Then it's my mom's turn to say someyhing or whatever. It's been raining all day so the earth we're standing on is all muddy. At least the sun is shining now. I go towards his white coffin. On top of the coffin are some kind of blanket lying. It looks kind of blue covered with patches or something. I look at the white rose I am holding in my hand. I remembered when he gave me a similar rose. It was just months ago. On my birthday. The rose is beautiful. He said thats why he gave it to me, in his own way. Cuz it's just like me. As beautiful as heaven. I lay the rose down on his coffin and it direktly melt together with the white backround. I think a few moments about my dad. They said he'd been hit by a truck. The doctors I mean. They said he had stepped out on the street without knowing it was running towards him. The truck didn't have a chance to stop. They said it happened because he's deaf. Was, I mean. He's not anymore. Now he's dead in stead. I don't believe them, he always look up and down the street before he step onto it. It doesn't matter if he can hear anything or not. it's all my fault. If it weren't for me he'd be alive.

Before I leave him in his grave I have to say something to him. I know I do. I use my hands. That's how it always have been, I sign to him and he sign to me. Thats why he understod me most. Mom and my brother William wasn't as good as I was at signing. I use my fingers and spell to him:

I love you dad. hope we'll meet in heaven.

I wisper to him as well, just in case he can hear me.

I'm sorry you can't smell the rose, it's wonderful.

I turn back to let my mom take over. William said goodbye before me, he gave something too. probably that wierd blanket. Maybe it had something to do with dad. I try not to cry but annoying tears still falls down my cheeks. Stupid dad! Why did he have to die? Couldn't he just step out on the street a few seaconds later? If I was there he'd never die. Cuz I'd be there to tell him not to go.

After my mom have cried a little we go back to the house. I have to ask him about that blanket later. We're suppose to have some kind of reception or something at our house. Where everyone can say how much they miss my father and how such a good man he was. Liars. No one knew my father.

Mom didn't think she'd be able to do all the food by hand so she hired a catering firm. She would have hired them even if my father wasn't dead. She likes showing of her money. I wish she hadn't hired them. Or who am I kidding. I loved it. The catering firm was a disaster. A girl kept dropping things and the food was all burned and stuf. It was quite amusing. I didn't like this day so why not ruin it for everyone else? I felt sorry for the girl though. Both my mother and her boss yelled at her. I'd do almost anything to be her. At least she had something to do after this job. What would I do? Speak to Claire?

I see she's coming towards me, my aunt claire.

"Have you seen this waitress? She are ruining everything " Like it wasn't ruined before. "Someone should fire that girl, she's doing nothing right" I just shake my head. Nor are you, I'm thinking. "Are you alright honey? You seem awfuly quiet" She tilts her head in that anoying way. Why is everyone doing that? "I can understand you. We are all felling a bit down right now" A bit down? thats her way to describe it? A bit down. "I'll go and talk to you'r mother, maby she can do something about that girl" Hum... Maybe that girl is too Feeling a bit down. "Remember, I'm here if you want to talk" She walks away. I shoot flames from my eyes at her. You'r the last person I'm ever talking to. I remember to be nice. Claire have done nothing wrong. She didn't even know my dad. My mom's sister never came to visit us before he died.

I see our neightbour standing a bit beside me. When he sees me looking at him he makes those puppy-eyes at me. What is he even doing here? He walkes up to me.

"Are you.." He starts with an annoying sad voice.

"I'm sorry" I interupt with my right hand in front of him, to stop him from talking. "I've gotta go talk to my mom" He look a little bit surprised at me. "Try the samon" I say to him while walking away. "It's really good!" I try to fake-smile at him. I believe my smiles work pretty good. I wonder if he know we don't have any samon. I just couldn't remember anything we actually served, but samon sounded good, didn't it? I'm heading for the front door when I get stuck again. I don't even know who stopped me. I just excuse my self and turn the other way. Since when did I become a prisoner in my own house? I excuse my self several times when I head for the backyard. I've just gotta get out of here right now. I finally find the back door and step out into the summer night.

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