I knew I loved you

Well, about my story...
I didn't know what to write. So I just sat and listened to music. Then it hit me. I could write a story about the music I was listening to. You know how every song tells a story.. And my favorite singer happend to be Darren Hayes (From Savage garden)
- Every chapter has it's name after one of his songs. The songs haven't really much to do with the text... yea yea, okey... thats it I guess. I don't know if this can be called fan fiction or not... Probably not.

About the story ;) :: It's about a girl who have just lost her father. She blames her self for him dying. Then she meets a guy who makes her life worth living again. And some new friends. But her mom don't really agree. She don't want her daughter to be with this guy. And everything falls apart again.

Btw: Sorry for misspellings! ;D
And also: I made the video for a school project and decided to put it on here because well... it fitted with friendship and stuf. Plus it's one of his songs.. ;)


3. Crash and burn


This night is already a catastrophy, and we haven't even served the main course yet. We're gonna end up -like always- empty handed. No money I mean. I don't even get why people still hires Food Freaks, it's not like we're good or anything. I secretly send a apology to Kayla. She makes wonderful food. But all the rest is horrible. Like the staff. Del have dropped least five plates with food and drinks. No wonder Kayla put her on kitchen duty and me on serving duty. I'd much rather be in the kitchen hiding out than being out here were all the people from the funeral are attacking me for something to eat. You think people should be a little less eager after a funeral. These ones are like sharks. Clutching for anything to drink. During my short break in the kitchen, while Del is filling up my trays, I can finally breathe.

"Were the hell is Jenna?" I ask Kayla who's standing by the big oven, waiting for some canapés. Kayla have gigantic earrings and tatoos all over her body. And people still hires her? She's actually kind of cool.

"How should I know?" She reply annoyed. "I told her to be here at five and she's not here yet" It's five fourty now.

"Well, she better be here soon or I..."

"Or you what?" Jenna is standing in the doorway looking at us "Tickle me to death?" She rolls her eyes. "Sorry Kayla, for being late. My ride here got a little caught up with something and then..."

"It doesn't matter" Kayla interupt. "Just put you'r shirt on and carry out these" Did I mention we have to wear shirts with the catering logo on. Thats horrible. Kayla puts a tray with tall glasses in Jennas hands. Jenna just look at it. "Hurry! costumers. getting. hungry!" I take the tray of her hands and walk towards the door. Kayla is looking at me but I don't care.

"You better watch out... some day I just might tickle you til' you beg for mercy!" Jenna sticks her tounge out at me before the door closes behind me. I sigh. Here we go again. I barely make it a few steps before the first person attacks me. She has light grey kinda longish hair and a flower-covered dress. Appropiate for a funeral. At least it's black.

"I'm glad you replaced that girl. She ruined my shoes" She points at her black sandals. I can't see anything ruined. I just smile at her with what I hope is an excusing smile. Before I move ahead two drinks dissapear. I can't even make it around the room before all the drinks are gone. Glad to escape from all people I hurry to the kitchen. I meet Jenna in the door who's on her way out. Good luck.

"Nate?" Kayla don't even look up from her cutting-board. Del is freneticly looking in every box Kayla packed the food in. Kayla are standing all calm while Del is as good as freaking out. What's happening?

"Yes?" I look suspisios at her. She ignores me.

"Have you seen the strawberries?"

"Didn't you put them in the backseat cause you didn't want them to get mashed under everything else?" I put my trays on the little kitchen-island. Kayla look up from her cutting-board and wrinkle her forhead a little bit.

"Yea, thats right. Can you go get them?" I nod.

"Otherwise..." I interupt Del before she can finish her sentence.

"I'll get them" On my way to the kitchen door I pick up a glass and put it in Dels hands. "Cool down little, will you?" The kitchen door leads directly to the backyard, but it's a lot better going all the way around than having to last trough all the people in the living room. I have never met such annoying people. I go get the strawberries were I said they would be. On my way back trough the garden I hear a weird sound. At first can I not place what i'm hearing but then it hits me. Somebody's crying. I'm almost about to find who ever's crying. But I realize that would be kind of weird. If a waiter just walks up and ask if something is wrong. Which I already know it is. After all, it is a funeral we're working at. So instead I just leave the strawberries with Kayla and Del in the kitchen. They don't even look at me before they start planning what to do next. Actually, it's not much of planning. It's more Kayla telling Del what to do. Something is already in the ovevn. I would guess thats the main course. I wonder who the girl in the garden was? I'm positive it was a girl, her voice was wery bright. She sounded so sad, maby I should...

Jenna walks in to the room. She's carrying two trays, one with, and one without glasses. I can see she's already tired from working. I tilt my head and look at her. I bet she'll survive a while without me. I survived without her. I have to find that girl. It doesn't matter if I'm a waiter or not. I go backwards to the kitchen door.

"You'll make it without me for a while right?" Jenna look up when I speak.

"Were are you going?" Kayla ask. She looks directly at me with her dark-green eyes. I swallow.

"I'll be right back" I don't wait for any allowens, instead I quickly walk out the door to find that girl. The one who was crying. I don't know why but for some reason I don't want her to be sad. After some searching I find her in a corner of the yard sitting surrounded by flowers. Different flowers with different colours just like her dress. I noticed her before just because she was the only one wearing something colourful. I kneel beside her. Now she notices me. I have no idea what to say. Sure I've had to handle crying people before, this wasn't our first funeral so to speak. But this was different. This time I volunteer to do it, never before. She looks up at me. Suddently I know what to say.

"You'll get wet if you sit there" I reach out my hand. She just look at it. "Come on, you'll ruin you'r dress" She takes my hand wery slowly but doesn't seem to intend to stand up. Tears are still running down her cheeks but she's crying more quiet now. All though her body is shaking. I move my hand from her's to her back and then put my other hand under her knees. In a few seconds I put her agains my chest and carry her away from the flowers. Then a problem comes to my mind. Were to go? I see a bench in their garden. I can say that their garden is huge. They have hundreds of flowers and a tiny fountain in the centre of the yard. I go to the bench and carefully put her down, then sit down beside her. Gladly I can't see anyone inside which must mean they can't see us either. Thats gotta have something with the big tree who's placed right between the bench and the house to do. The girl beside me stares directly out in space. She has brown hair and amber eyes. And now, also a wery dirty dress. It was raining earlier today so everything is all muddy. Even though all the mud on her dress and arms she still look kind of... Pretty.  The girl can't be much younger than me. Fifteen as youngest. I don't realize I'm still holding my arm around her until she turns to me. But not to look at me. To bury her face into my chest. First I get a little surprised. I did not see that coming. But then I find myself actually liking having her against me, so I put my other arm around her and hold her tighter to my chest. She's shaking even more now. I rest my head against her's with my cheek touching her hair. And it feels absolutely right. Like she was made for me to hold.

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