Hi My Name's Rosalie, I'm A Vampire

Hi my name's Rosalie and i'm a vampire.
In 1892, I was dying. A doctor called Emil Lotsworth relivied me of my pain, not realising what he'd done. He'd created me. I never grow old, i'm really strong, I never get hurt but worst of all i'm a killer. I'm a vampire.


6. One Thing

Jenna was standing in the corner of the living room, a huge smile plastered on her face. I couldn't do this, could I? Was it that bad that Daniel knew? So many questions, and only one answer. Both me and Daniel would get killed if The Heads found out. I have to do this but I'm not going too. The Heads are the head-vampires, you step out of line once and your gone. But I can't let Jenna go.

Daniel replaced his hand on my waist, he lent forward and kissed my cheek, 'Daniel,' I stared at his eyes until they un-naturally focused on mine, 'Go and find Georgia, and ask her to dance.' Georgia was a girl in our math class and she had an obsession with Daniel. She wouldn't care about dancing with the birthday girls boyfriend.

Just as Daniel walked off, Bella returned. 'So are you going to do it?' My answer was obvious and she knew that. 'I've got to go now big sis, but Emil's staying for the show. Here's your pressie. Bye now lovely, meet you later.' And then she was gone just like that. I opened the Barbie gift bag and lifted out the 'pressie'. I had to do it. Just get it over with.

Just like that I threw the dagger and it landed




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