Hi My Name's Rosalie, I'm A Vampire

Hi my name's Rosalie and i'm a vampire.
In 1892, I was dying. A doctor called Emil Lotsworth relivied me of my pain, not realising what he'd done. He'd created me. I never grow old, i'm really strong, I never get hurt but worst of all i'm a killer. I'm a vampire.


5. My Sister And Him

Emil and Bella, Bella and Emil. It can't be true. They can't be together, there nothing a like, she's well she was a kind friendly girl. But Emil he's self-absorbed and only cares about creating more vampires. 

Okay, so personally the way I'd like to deal with this 'situation' is to walk up to Emil & kill him, but that's practically impossible as he's way older, and stronger than me. After Rebekah had finished snogging Emil for the second time she turned to face me. She was probably shocked by the way my mouth was hanging open, very, very wide open. "Okay," Rebekah started," what are you gawking at. Oh, big sis is it a shock to you that I'm with the vampire who turned you?" Save me Lord. My little sister may have turned evil but I still don't want her dating Emil, mainly as he's the psycho-path who took away my life. I'd rather be dead than be, this.

I could feel a warm breath on my neck, slightly worried from my previous thoughts I jumped. Only to find Daniel swirl me around to dance. He placed his hands on my waist, now was really not the time for this. I just found out my sister is dating Emil, how can I dance? "Now is really not the time Daniel." I whispered in his ear. "Rosi, its never the right time with you. Just try to forget your vamp drama for one minute, it will still be there afterwards." The thing that bothered me about Daniel's reply was that I'd never told him about me being an evil bloodsucker. "Daniel who told you who I am?" He dropped one of his arms from my waist and pointed to Rebekah, "She told me, I promise to keep your secret, if you do one thing for her."

My boyfriend is compelled, such fun.  

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