Hi My Name's Rosalie, I'm A Vampire

Hi my name's Rosalie and i'm a vampire.
In 1892, I was dying. A doctor called Emil Lotsworth relivied me of my pain, not realising what he'd done. He'd created me. I never grow old, i'm really strong, I never get hurt but worst of all i'm a killer. I'm a vampire.


4. Kill Me Now, Pretty Please

I opened Jenna's front door.

"Happy birthday Rosi!" everyone chorused.

"Thanks guys."

Everyone pushed and shoved in through the door but there was one girl who waited her turn. She walked in wriggling her hips as if to say she was a celebrity.

"Hello. Your names still Rosalie, right?" The girl questioned.

"What do you mean, still?"

"In 1892 that was your name. I was just checking it was still the same."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Rebekah. I beilve you know me as.....Isabella."

The girl strode off. That cow couldn't be Bella. Bella was always a friendly kind girl who enjoyed helping others and teaching people how to do things. Not this girl, snobby bitch who flirts with everyone she catches sight of, including my boyfriend- Daniel.

"Rebekah, leave him alone." I told her.

"Why? Ahh are you the jelous girlfriend who thinks i'm flirting with her boy. Fyi I have my own boy. He's just over there." She pointed to a boy around the age of 20. Rebekah walked over to him then snogged him plainly. No emotion shown. "Rosalie this is my boyfriend. Emil, Emil Lotsworth."

Shit. My sister and Emil in one day. Kill me now,  pretty please. 

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