The One We Call Brave

The One We Call Brave.
Now, this is a Diary Based story of a soldier who joined the military.
1939,World War ll. He has A heavy metal green helmet to keep him safe from
gun fire. A giant suit, with A Bullet proof vest. A great shaped backpack, with all the equipment he needs. shined up black boots. The top of the boot attached to his white long sock. Intelligence of a brave man. He has great knowledge and ideas.
His name is John Hamphers. Aged 25, has a whole life by his side.
2 Kids: James aged 7 (Male) hannah aged 12 (Female)
and a beautiful wife named Olivia. Aged 24.
That is his life, and he gave it all away for a war!, but.


3. Day 2

I moved on to the watch tower. Pulled out the sniper from my back pack and took a bullet to the target.

I hit bullseye again. I was proud of my skill just like Gerald was. After I hit the target, Gerald told me to get behind cover

since we had bombed Germany!, No one knew, not even I knew. It just got lost inside my memory. I was getting into

the shooting thing that much that I didn't think about anything else. Anyway, I didn't understand why he demanded that sentence. But then I heard gun fire... There was only one way to end this now, that is to win this battle!


I smoothly whipped out my sniper rifle and aimed it right to the enemy, I shot that bullet as I heard a gun fire noise.

Then I just saw the enemy that I had shot... Dead on the ground. I had a tear to my eye. I felt guilty and scared, I regret doing this, It doesn't feel right to do this sort of damage to the enemy and his family. But this is my job to guild my team to victory.

So be it!, I might as well get this over with. After my flash of thoughts, I heard a bomb go out to our side and we got hit!

about 5-6 people had been injured and 15 died. Only by one little grenade!, I got up and pulled out my MP5K with 63 rounds

and a rapid fire attachment and fired rapidly at the enemy's. One of my allies told me "RUN!".


So I gained all the speed into my legs and zoomed out for the base. The one that told me that one word had been blown up

by the grenade he told me to run from. I went back to see if he was okay. But he had already gone. I met some nice people there, also a couple of friends.I went with my friends and we camped in a trench. We took it in turns to look out for enemy's

near us. After the camp, we moved into one of the enemy's camp's and took out 3 soldiers with our weapons we were running up to the next enemy camp. But that was when it happened. One of my friends was shot!, it was his fault.

He was smoking. As he flicked his lighter 1... Nothing 2... Nothing 3... Death. It must have been a sniper.

Me and my friends promised we will get revenge in his honour!

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