The One We Call Brave

The One We Call Brave.
Now, this is a Diary Based story of a soldier who joined the military.
1939,World War ll. He has A heavy metal green helmet to keep him safe from
gun fire. A giant suit, with A Bullet proof vest. A great shaped backpack, with all the equipment he needs. shined up black boots. The top of the boot attached to his white long sock. Intelligence of a brave man. He has great knowledge and ideas.
His name is John Hamphers. Aged 25, has a whole life by his side.
2 Kids: James aged 7 (Male) hannah aged 12 (Female)
and a beautiful wife named Olivia. Aged 24.
That is his life, and he gave it all away for a war!, but.


2. Day 1


Day 1   Dear diary,   Me and the family was just getting home. Happy and excited about the party we are having tonight. a couple of hours later. There was a knock on the door, we couldn't hear the knock since we had the music on. Then all of a sudden our door was broke down. And they took me to a place where all must fight. My family was crying and was declining to what Gerald said. About me joining the war. My last word to my family was "love" next thing i know i was at camp guarded by two big men with backpacks. I asked them to let me go. But they ignored my request.   I guess they had more important things to think about than letting me go. I stumbled into one of the camp tents. There was Gerald, just sitting there declaring the war to germany. I read his plans, and i warned everyone secretly. Then he came out of the tent and told everyone to huddle up. This was when he started handing out weaponry. He gave us each a pistol for long distance combat. and a military army knife for close combat. I refused to his demands. I wasn't the only one. Infact everyone refused. He couldn't just shoot us so what he did was... erased our memories. Lucky for me i wasn't caught and i had to protend to obey the orders.   But if i get caught i will be exicuted. We took our weapons and went to target practice. I pulled out my pistol and gently moved my aim to the target, i shot out a led pointy bullet with a flash of fire forcing the bullet out from the weapon. I hit the middle of the target, which means bullseye, i really got into this thing since got recruited. Gerald gave me my next weapon: MP5K. he gave me a rapid fire attachment so i could kill the enemy instantly. i pulled the trigger towards the target and shot out several bullets just under a second. He was impressed with my talent. he gave me a sniper rifle. and told me to go to the watch tower to shoot some targets from that distance.  


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