The One We Call Brave

The One We Call Brave.
Now, this is a Diary Based story of a soldier who joined the military.
1939,World War ll. He has A heavy metal green helmet to keep him safe from
gun fire. A giant suit, with A Bullet proof vest. A great shaped backpack, with all the equipment he needs. shined up black boots. The top of the boot attached to his white long sock. Intelligence of a brave man. He has great knowledge and ideas.
His name is John Hamphers. Aged 25, has a whole life by his side.
2 Kids: James aged 7 (Male) hannah aged 12 (Female)
and a beautiful wife named Olivia. Aged 24.
That is his life, and he gave it all away for a war!, but.


1. How it started

How it started


It started off in a village, a safe one, 1933 The village was called Rentivia Village. There were so many nice locals around helping and saving each others lives. As they lived and got older and older. They all learned to be nice and get on with each other. But there was a man who changed it all... He was called gerald banson. He started building his army, machinery also weapons behind the fellows. No one knew this untill 2nd august 1936. This was when Gerald Banson released his power and confidence. He unleashed a terrible horror of weaponry. He forced many people to join him and work with him, in a team. No one would obey his demands.  so that's when he got frustrated. He shot his own country to force them to go with his plans, that changed too many rules and laws in these days. So many people joined him, but the reply he heard mostly is, I'll rather die. So he would just shoot them or have them hung or executed.  
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