Promtheus Inferno Extinguished

Promtheus, a prominent figure, mostly a rubble in the wake of man, a demigod whose perserverance and endurance bought to light his indignance and the coming of man and his hands on the whip. But, Promtheus's hellish fate was deemed already in a culmination of events that are a succulent complex. They are sweet and sour, but I have no space to scribe his full story, so this is an attempt to enlighten his toil and the blood shed.


2. An impending Blasphemy


Arms tightened, the skin slackened, the wizened etchings of the wise dissipated, the skin glowed of the fluorescence of the young, the sight returned to its normal chores, the face unmarred and the brim of the youth returned to Zeus. Crumpled like a tattered parchment of paper, a remainder and a forayed piece to retain what was lost, lay Prometheus. His splattered brain relinquishing all the bonds that chained him to backbone humanity, he could profane as he liked. His second sojourn had been shorter than his first, Prometheus a carcass and a disjointed souvenir of the balance that once colored the earth. Zeus got out of his bed and stared at the seven photos of the governing presidents at the wall, mantled, hanging limply, were the ramifications of December 21, 2012. When all hell had broken loose, when Hades had raced to raze Earth, his penchant for conquest screaming loud.


Zeus had saved Earth from his kindred soul, had saved it from being consumed by its inverted and introverted cousin. The humans as was their wont and as their saws and adages dictated had become refuges in a haven they had overlooked. Of, course Zeus had embraced them, shedding the leaves of a very rotten enmity. He now governed them, and they were his revered subjects, his lieutenants had attained spiritual enlightenment or  

better known as a Candid Confinement.


All empowered the gods had felt, until the first insurgency. Manipulated had Prometheus the minds of people. He had initiated the basic instinct of humans-Selfishness. He had manifested his talents by clogging the good festooned humans to raise- for power.


The mutiny had been suppressed, and human mind had been re-hardwired. Prometheus was dead, human’s still branded Gods as their superiors, the Earth was still the God’s creek, but deep in his heart Zeus, could smell the stench of a looming war, between the leashed and the unleashed, and in his mind a voice resounded that the leashed would be unleashed.

His next stop would be Olympus……..


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