Promtheus Inferno Extinguished

Promtheus, a prominent figure, mostly a rubble in the wake of man, a demigod whose perserverance and endurance bought to light his indignance and the coming of man and his hands on the whip. But, Promtheus's hellish fate was deemed already in a culmination of events that are a succulent complex. They are sweet and sour, but I have no space to scribe his full story, so this is an attempt to enlighten his toil and the blood shed.


3. A slogged epilogue


2 days later


Deep in the tangles of Brazilian rainforests and in the cobwebs of fronds and stalagmites sprouted from Earth, a shot was deployed. From the gun of the Hades himself, a man of insurmountable caliber and supple energy was dying. The puncture was circumpunct in nature. A wisp of smoke arose from the Celestial gun and the pungent smell of tropical rainforest drowned that of the smoke. Birds fluttered, the silence was polluted and the darkness was the canvas of the brilliant light emitted by the bullet. The stars twinkled in approval and a synergy fabricated by the minds of the designers had completed the circle.


Hades walked to the dead man. Lying there was the man; a small island of blood blotted the ocean of silk. The motion had been a culmination of great circumspection and only the wildest of situational terrains had triggered it. Hades peered over the men and his jaw muscles moved in what was a smile suppressed for a hundred years. The stomach acids would seep to manifest in the chest, and the death would be of excruciating demeanor.


As the victim writhed in rage, wriggling as if trying to squirm the bullet out, Hades addressed him “Zeus”.  

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