A trip to Neo Cortex

My eyes have rolled around staring straight into my mind to have a look at what's going on.


1. A trip to Neo Cortex


And then my eye went to see inside,

A world merry and magnificent

with bubbles so translucent

holding a kitten in space

orbiting earth, playing with the stars

*miauw *


And I see something else


Withering winter love smiling at the greening spring,

how they can't ever let go,

cuddling under my ego,

poor fluorescent summer soaked in envy.


Then I see


The chaos of green fiery aflame,

burning riddles in its wake

'what is in the deepest lake?'

The face of my eerie explicit existence?


A glimpse catches my attention


A writhing, slithering snake,

entwined around my stem

tickling my instinctual condemn,

this mire of lust and deepest desire


What a trip I had into my Neo Cortex.

Now I must return to the world beyond,

my vision of mind must abscond,

my subconsciousness smirks and waves goodbye.


See you again sometime!





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