Love-From-Above!, A 16 year old teenage girl called Charlotte is finally ready to move on with her friends to Hollywood! Her two best friends called Emily & Kelly also tag along but they what they all never knew could happen, Hit them like a rock from space... The man of their dreams change who they are and what they are... In Hollywood Charlotte was meant to be finishing her acting career but it all changes into, Flirting,Partying,Sex,Beach,Love,getting drunk, How will these girls solve their lives forever alone?... Charlotte's friends get into serious trouble with their men and this is what creates the disaster waiting to happen, This is why you should never follow Charlotte's friends advice...


1. Let's Party In The USA!

As I was sleeping silently. My brown long hair shined from the lunar moon. My aqua blue eyes glowed into the darkness. While I was sleeping on my warm comfy bed, wearing a long dressing gown. The gown curled around my cute legs. My almost tanned body was now going shiny. The thought of getting another tan was getting to me. Trying to sleep in the darkness. Holding one flash light under the damp sheets was difficult. The fox's were eating through my bean bags outside. As I could hear the crunching from the savage beasts. I never knew it would be like this. Mum & Dad had an aruguement yesterday. Pain had reach the core inside of me. Dad left last night without me, tears formed on me. My two sister's are sleeping like cats. While I like to think my-self as a husky. My school days are not over. However it's only our spring break...

Last night was a disaster. My pet puppy called Jim loves to eat anything soft like my fluffy feathered pillows. Waking up while I let out a quiet but massive yawn. My eyes were all dreary from the lovely sleep that I had in my warm soft comfy bed. The cover that I had over me last night was lovely it felt so smooth. As I ran my soft but firm finger tips down the edge's of the blanket of comfort. I even grinned from the soft feeling that had got into me from touching the blanket. Mum was still in bed snoring loudly, not as loud as dad's as I could hear it from a mile away. Slowly making my bed with my firm hands i decided to brush my hair off my face, as it looked a mess. It was clean but not as clean as usual, I let down my brown long hair as it got caught by the silent winds, that blew cold and warm air into my back. While it was breathing down my tank top. I then gently placed the soft feathered pillows on the warm side of the mattress. This made me feel warm inside. After tidying my bed, my puppy was asleep next to me, So I could feel a warm sensation inside of me, including my puppies hot breath rubbing against my soft tanned legs. My cute firm feet were feeling heat from the wooden floor. Where the sun had settled, Slowly sneaking away from my cute baby puppy, a feeling inside of me made me happy I even let out a smile.

After the little grin faded away from my lips. I walked towards the wooden stairs, while feeling the warm air brush against me. It was like a burst of heat being pushed by the wind. The wooden stairs were also warm as my feet were sweating while sticking to the edge of the stairs. Gripping onto the wall with my left hand while pushing down on my sweaty wet feet. I finally managed to get down the stairs without issues. Next thing I knew there was a small feathered bird tweeting silently into my kitchen window. It looked happy, so I grinned while un fading my last smile. My bright blue eyes caught the sight of the bird, it was a rare bird. As I slowly approached the species. I heard movements upstairs with Mum's bed squeaking against the floor. My small firm hands gripped the edge of the kitchen window, while the sun was heating up my soles like egg and bacon in a frying pan. The tweeting little baby bird turned around while looking directly into my bright blue eyes. I gazed into it's eyes while brushing my hair back for a better view, of the baby bird. After watching the baby bird fall asleep in my warm arms. I reached for a small warm blanket to cover up the baby bird. He was silently sleeping as the wind blew onto the firm loose feather's.

Just as I was about to cover the baby bird with a warm small blanket. The door bell rang, it was loud enough to wake Mum and the bird up. Luckily none of them woke up. Before, answering the door I decided to brush my hair with my firm finger tips. My hair was slowly moving from the wind. I answered the door while then trying to put on some lovely cute make-up. I held the small narrow door handle, while then pulling it towards me. There standing at the door was my best friends with their long hair, being brushed against their cute little faces. My face expression changed quickly when I heard Mum moving up stairs. Emily stared right into me, while whispering. Also knowing that my Mum is in bed and the fact that it's early in the morning. Emily whispered slowly into my left right ear drum, "Do you want to come with us to Hollywood?".

As Emily finished her sentence. My lips tingled, while my smile began to un fade once more. I also felt another warm feeling inside of me. I replied softly into Emily's left ear drum "How are you going to get there?,You have no money remember?". My lips lost it's tingle. As I replied to her question. Emily laughed while then letting out a small smile. Her grin looked too happy for words. Emily then softly whispered into my ear once again "Your acting career can start at Hollywood. Well at least you can act., The teacher said that your acting is too good for the school. This made even me feel silly. As Emily spoke out words of truth. I grinned as my lips unfolded from the smile. That had once faded, I almost screamed in happiness. However I kept it inside. Instead of screaming, I let out a huge smile. while then whispering "I'll come". Emily's face was priceless. Emily then looked at me un sure to tell me that. "Am I aloud to go?", Mum was now awake. I don't know if I have enough confidence to ask my Mum is I was aloud to go to Hollywood...

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