Back to December

This is based on the song by Taylor Swift, but I added my experience in there. Cause I wish I could go back to December, but I know I can't. But all I can do, is wait. And hope that time heals the wounds.


3. Nature Song

My Mum died last night, she was in a car accident. My Dad has been by her side for the last few days, her condition was critical. But now, there's no condition, cause she's... gone.

To my surprise, none of my siblings were in the house. So I was alone, like usual. I suddenly had the urge to just hurt myself, again. Frustration, anger, sadness and so many other emotions were rushing through my blood. Like I have to cut my veins open to let it all out. I threw myself onto the sofa, and burst into tears before I even hit the pillow. Laying face down, I burrowed my head between my crossed arms. And let the tears stream down my face, and bled through the material wrapped around my arm. And chilled my arm, with a warm coldness. I know that's not possible, but, it was. It was warm and cooling. It was a comfort, to feel tears on my skin, cause they're so similar to the rain. When the rain falls, I go outside, and just be relaxed and calm. The crying clouds cleansed my soul, ridding me of all bad thoughts and sins. Until the rain stops, then I return to my sad, depressing self. When I'm in the rain, I can be happy, cause I just dance. And no-one can judge me, cause I can't over hear them over the water droplets surrounding me in the song of nature.

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