A half painted picture

A conversation with the Moon


1. A Half Painted Picture

Looking at the sky.. I found..

An incomplete moon and no one around..

No stars but the clouds,

Making him look more pale.. more alone

I noticed him like this and ignored

I kept on moving forth...

"Hey! Listen You"

Someone called someone,

My steps continued their pace

"I am taking to you, half painted picture!"

It was for me, I guess,

Stopped, looked back,

There was no one but dark

And some Airs chirping,

Seemed uninterested in me.

"Look Up." He asked again,

"Why are you doing this to me?"

It was the one whom I just ignored,

The Moon.

He was talking to me.

Strange it was, shocking in fact.

How come the Moon got a language?

I had no clue.

He uttered his last statement again,

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"What!!!" I couldn't let myself unspoken,

"Are you really the Moon who is talking.

Why are you talking to me?

And what am I doing to you?"

"This." He said.

"Why are you behaving as a stranger?"

"A stranger!

Yes.. right.. We are strangers" I could say.

"There is nothing more hurting

Than to have such words from a friend"

He almost sobbed.

"I am not able to digest it anymore, you know"

I said, "You just called me a friend.

I don't remember if we had words before."

"Don't you remember a bit of it?" He further asked.

"A bit of what? And Why did you refered me as -

A half painted picture?"

"I didn't" He replied,

"You named yourself so, one night.

We have passed so many nights talking

About our lives. About our loves.

Our Ambitions, Our dream doves.

We cursed our filthy fates.

We abused the hurting waits.

You have forgotten it all,

You have forgotten me.

You have changed and let it be."

Saying these words, he drowned into the West.

Left me puzzled, riddled:

Have I really changed?


~ Chitr

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