When a young girl discovers a secret land full of mystical things things start to go wrong... Can she put them right?


1. Moving On

"Mum!" shouted the girl with the lovely auburn hair as she stood by her window looking out at the busy city beyond. She sighed, fogging up the glass. The girl reached over and drew a face in the glass... A sad one.
She looked around the empty room, remembering. She'd been born in this house and now she was moving away. She unplaited her hair and tied it back in a bun. She walked over to the door and had one last glance at her old bedroom then her mum shouted her so she turned away. Suddenly she remembered something... She ran back into her bedroom and lifted up the sleek wooden floorboard. Underneath was a dark green box, her grandmother had given it to her on her 13th birthday- she'd told her to keep it with he no matter what! She swiped it up and stuffed it in the bottom of her bag covering it with her clothes.
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